Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Says All that is Needed to Overturn the 2020 Election Results is Reasonable Doubt Which They Already Have

Members of the Arizona legislature are beginning to discuss next steps after the results of the 2020 audit are released.  

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers was on with Josh Bernstein to discuss many topics.  Bertstein writes:

This was a wide-ranging conversation that covered not just the audit but the fight in general to save our Nation. Wendy and I both agree, what happened in November can never happen again and we are DETERMINED to get to the bottom of it…

During the discussion, Rogers shared her response about the audit taking place in Arizona:

Absolutely, we are working to get a concensus to move forward.  This is really a step by step approach and journey.  Everyday we open another door and we’re not sure what the door unfolds to us.  But as far as President Fann goes, she is absolutely a stalwart, resolute leader who has navigated very tricky straights as it were because she only has a one vote majority to work with…

…we are absolutely intent on finishing the audit…

…the full legislature [the Senate adn the House] has the authority [to decertify the election]…

…All you have to do is have reasonable doubt in what was certified in the 2020 Election.

Senator Rogers is a hero as well as all the people in Arizona who wouldn’t all the corrupt results in Arizona stand.

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