AMERICAN QUAGMIRE: It Appears Several Republican Party Leaders Also Operate within the Secret Cabal of Corruption – What are GOP Voters to Do?

Americans are puzzled by Republican Party’s actions over the past few years.  Which is it?  Is the RNC lost and totally overplayed with no idea of how to respond to the ‘Iron Pentagon’ or the ‘cabal of corruption’, or is the GOP a key player in this cabal? 

We reported yesterday on the ‘Iron Pentagon’ – the cabal running the federal government, nonprofits, the FED and Wall Street, Big Tech, and the Mainstream Media.

The Iron Pentagon: The Nexus of Control, Corruption, and Suppression – This Is How Mass Dissention Is Created

We then reported on the connections between the nonprofit NASED (National Association of State Election Directors) which worked with the United Nations, Twitter, state governments, and other nonprofits in efforts surrounding the 2020 election.  This was is a kind of case study for the ‘Iron Pentagon’ above.

Fully Exposed–The Dominion Plot to Defraud the American Voters and President Trump

We also reported on the RNC’s actions that showed they backed the 2020 Election fraud and steal.

Update: GOP Chairman of Michigan Oversight Committee Denies Blocking Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani from Testifying at Hearing – Hearing today Includes TCF Center Witnesses

Why would the RNC support the 2020 Election steal if it weren’t part of the Iron Pentagon?  Certainly, some Republicans were part of the ‘2020 Steal’ like Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger who participates with Soros-backed Democrats Benson and Hobbs on the NASS.  We also know Pence, McConnell, and McCarthy were at Biden’s Inauguration and shunned President Trump’s farewell speech.

It comes down to this.  It appears the leaders of the Republican Party, whether at federal, state, or local levels, are a part of the culture of corruption.  See the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors which is mostly Republicans and Arizona Governor Ducey as prime examples.  But a majority of Americans and GOP voters don’t want to have anything to do with people like those mentioned.

The problem for the RNC is that the more voters see the corruption in the ranks of the Republican Party the more they will want to separate themselves from the party.

The Democrats are all part of the cabal consumed with the need for power so that’s not a question.   Their followers who support them are ill-informed and brainwashed by the corrupt media and Big Tech.

Americans are at a turning point.  They can either support the Republican Party and try to make changes within the party like President Trump did, knowing they could lose everything in the process, or they can remove themselves from the Party altogether. 

This is a tough decision for Americans who love God, their families, and their country.

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