Senator Elizabeth Warren (aka Pocahontas) Shares Link to Stolen Data on Taxes Paid by the Super Wealthy to Push Taxing the Rich

Senator Elizabeth Warren who’s known for claiming she is part Indian is pushing for more taxes on the super-rich and is using data that was stolen or leaked from the IRS to support her position.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (aka Pocahontas) was fine sharing stolen information with her followers so she could add her comments about taxing the rich.

(We include since the data is now readily available on the Internet.)

We know the data was stolen because this is the only way this information could get out.  Pjmedia reported:

ProPublica published a database that included the personal tax information of several exceptionally wealthy Americans. It will not be linked here because the disgusting piece posted personal, possibly hacked information. The IRS better hope it was a hack—or else one of its own needs to go to jail. The laws governing the disclosure of tax information are unambiguous and have very few exceptions.

It’s against the law to steal tax information and that is the only way this information could have gotten out.  The IRS announced yesterday that they were looking into the lead:

Federal authorities are investigating the release of wealthy Americans’ tax information, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles Rettig said Tuesday,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“ProPublica, a nonprofit news organization, published details about the reported income and tax payments of some of the richest Americans, including Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos and Berkshire Hathaway Inc. CEO Warren Buffett.”

This tactic of releasing tax information on political enemies is not new.  This was done in the Obama Administration and of course, Obama said he had no idea it was done:
President Obama said he didn’t find out about the Internal Revenue Service targeting the tax-exempt status of conservative political groups until media outlets started reporting it on May 10. He demanded accountability and said he wanted to see an internal IRS investigation.
Another socialist president, FDR, released tax information on his political enemies to score political points as well:
FDR focused his efforts on derailing a slew of perceived opponents, including Andrew Mellon, who was the secretary of Treasury under President Hoover. In the Roosevelt administration, Mellon was subjected to intense income tax audits, and endured a two-year civil action lawsuit, which was referred to at the time as the “Mellon Tax Trial.”

It looks like the Obama/Biden gang is using this illegal tactic again.

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