More Insane Gun Control to Make Citizens Less Safe Especially Women and Handicapped Americans

Attorney General Garland Merrick is backing a proposed ATF rule that, if implemented, will make it more difficult for women and the handicapped to defend themselves at home with a pistol. Here’s the news:

On June 7, 2021, the Attorney General signed ATF proposed rule 2021R-08, “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces,’” amending ATF’s regulations to clarify when a rifle is “intended to be fired from the shoulder.”

The proposed rule outlines the factors ATF would consider when evaluating firearms equipped with a purported “stabilizing brace” to determine whether these weapons would be considered a “rifle” or “short-barreled rifle” under the Gun Control Act of 1968, or a “rifle” or “firearm” subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act.

Why do I write, “make it more difficult for women and the handicapped to defend themselves”? Because a stabilizing brace transforms a pistol into a firearm that a woman or a person incapable of using two hands can operate. This is especially true for a woman over the age of 60. A regular semi-automatic pistol, such as a Glock or a Beretta, can present a challenge to a woman  for loading and operating that platform.

To effectively operate a semi-automatic pistol you need to be able to lock the slide back. Here is what that means:

If you are going to carry a semi-automatic pistol or keep it in your bedside table for defending your home, you must be able to quickly rack the slide in order to load the ammunition or clear a malfunction. If you cannot do that then you cannot safely and effectively use your pistol.

And pistol brace helps solve this problem. There are some on the market (primarily for Glocks) that allows the gun owner to place his or her pistol into a brace and it becomes in effect a short barreled rifle.

If you do not know what a pistol brace looks like, please watch the following video:

This regulation, if enacted, will make people less safe by denying law abiding citizens the chance to use a device that will enable them to operate their pistol in a safe manner.


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