Christian Baker Fined for Declining to Bake Transgender Cake Recently Made a Beautiful Dessert for Gay Republicans

The Christian baker who lost a court case this week for declining to make a transgender “reveal” cake, and was sensationally villainized by the liberal media, made a beautiful dessert for Log Cabin Republicans in April.

Jack Phillips, a Denver-based baker and owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop, has been repeatedly targeted by LGBTQ activists twice over his Christian beliefs.

Phillips has been demonized as a “bigot,” “homophobe” and nearly every other unsavory term you can think of by the liberal media. Contrary to their claims, in April, he created a beautiful cake for the Colorado Log Cabin Republicans to celebrate their Get Outspoken website.

The first time that Phillips was sued over his religious beliefs it was for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

The same day that the Supreme Court announced that they would take the case, he was targeted again. This time, by a transgender LGBTQ attorney who asked him to make a pink and blue cake to honor their gender transition.

Phillips had said that he had no problem serving LGBTQ customers by making brownies, cookies or regular cakes — but simply did not want to use his artistic talents in ways that went against his religious beliefs — he also will not make Halloween cakes. He declined to make the trans cake.

The person behind the trans cake lawsuit, Autumn Scardinia, admitted in the court case against the baker that they were seeking to “challenge the veracity” of his statement and “call [his] bluff.”

Despite the obvious set up, this week a Denver District Court sided with Scardinia and fined him $500 fine for violating Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws. His legal team has said that they will appeal the decision.

“Defendants admit that they were willing to make the requested cake until Ms. Scardina identified that she chose the colors to reflect and celebrate her identity as a transgender female,” judge A. Bruce Jones wrote in his ruling. “Defendants are, however, willing to make cakes for non-transgender individuals that reflect that person’s gender. And Defendants would ‘gladly’ make an identical-looking cake for other customers.”

Prior to the court’s decision, Phillips wrote an op-ed for Fox News explaining that “it seems clear that activists intend to keep harassing me – not because the Constitution doesn’t protect my religious freedom and my right to decide for myself what messages I will and will not communicate, but because some people simply disagree with my faith and want to punish me for it.”

Valdamar Archuleta, President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado, told the Gateway Pundit that he “went to Masterpiece Cakeshop and personally spoke to Jack Phillips. He was very friendly, warm, and we had a completely respectful and open conversation. I was upfront about being the President of an LGBT organization to which he was unfazed.”

“Although we disagree on our personal viewpoints about Gay marriage I told him we, as Log Cabin Republicans, completely support his right to refuse any kind of work that he is uncomfortable with. We don’t believe anyone should be forced to use their creative talents to make something that goes against their personal or religious beliefs. Jack has made cakes for Gay customers before and has no problem in respecting the LGBT community’s right to live as choose. I have no reason to believe Jack is in any way homophobic or a bigot,” Archuleta said. “In 2021 there is no shortage of bakeries and businesses I can work with to meet all my LGBT lifestyle needs and I know taking the freedoms away from a business to decide whether or not to work with me doesn’t result in more rights for me it will result in less freedom for all of us.”

Archuleta said that the Log Cabin Republicans had an upcoming monthly meeting and that they wanted to support him and his business by purchasing a cake.

“I asked him if he would be ok with making an LGBT political organization like ours a cake to which he had no objections. I gave him the logo for ‘Outspoken’, the Log Cabin Republicans media and journalism outlet, and asked to have the cake made in that design. Jack made us a beautiful and delicious cake!” Archuleta said. “It’s unfortunate the Colorado Court ruled against him in a decision that will ultimately result in everyone in Colorado having less personal freedom. And it’s sad organizations like the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and others in an attempt to pursue Justice will take away the people’s personal freedom.”