BRIAN KOLFAGE EXCLUSIVE: America is at War, and It is Taking Place Right Before Our Eyes

Guest post by Brian Kolfage

America is at war, and it is taking place right before our eyes.

The war is against every principle and moral standard that built this nation as it stands today.  This ‘fundamental transformation’ was even promised to us when former president Barack Obama took office. He ran on that statement.

I’ve been in the crosshairs fighting in Iraq, but never dreamt my own government would point their weapons at me for trying to protect our borders.

I joined the Air Force seven months before the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks. My first day on the job in the Air Force was 9/11/01 and then my last day was 9/11/04 after being struck by an insurgent 107mm rocket directly when our base came under attack for the third anniversary on 9/11. It’s safe to say I know a thing or two about sacrifice and love my country. Anyone who personally knows me understands how grateful I am every single day and the love I have for the citizens of our nation. I’m humbled and thankful.

I started the ‘We Build The Wall’ campaign as an effort to give President Trump the funds needed to build his wall after Democrats held federal funding hostage. After being naive and learning we could not simply give the funds to the government,  Mr. Stephen K. Bannon had the idea, “let’s build it ourselves”. The idea was genius. We cut out the middleman and all the red tape, we did it the old fashion way, when Americans didn’t rely on the government for everything. They rolled up their sleeves put in hard work and got the job done. We did just that.

Everyone told us we would never build the wall with private funds, including elected officials. We didn’t let that discourage us. We worked tirelessly going over every single piece of property on the Southern Border and created a full indexed database of each parcel of land.

What we discovered was hundreds of citizens who owned land who wanted us to build them a border wall, and today these citizens still want a barrier. We would be building a wall right now under the Biden Admin if we were not stopped by these politically motivated charges.

We successfully built one of the best border walls on the Southern Border ever, it’s even in the international border wall database. It’s been highly praised by DHS and border agents for doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s never fallen down, nor has it been in threat of falling down, and has never been breached or cut open. The media has lied continuously about it. Leaked DHS memo’s even praise the structure itself after they conducted an engineering inspection. Our wall is working because we listened to the agents on the ground and built it to what they asked for and then increased that about 10-fold. It will stand tall for centuries in the harsh desert climate.  It worked so well DHS asked us for help on 30 other projects and we were days away from starting one when the politically motivated indictment came down on our leaders.

Our success was our downfall, and the left feared us. The only way to stop us, using the weaponized SDNY.

Not a single penny from this project was out of place, NOT 1 PENNY. Yet the lying DOJ twisted and spun the facts into a NY Times hit piece, taking key facts and turning them into incriminating offenses when they were not. Especially when a lawyer for one of the biggest firms in America signed off on everything. They wanted to try us in the media, by making statements like “he bought a yacht with donor funds”. This is something that is 100% false and was easily debunked on my social media posts, as I purchased it 2 years before the wall campaign and had photos of it too. And if donor funds bought this boat why have I been making payments on it still to this day? I used my own funds two years prior and I’m still using my own funds!

They also stated that I was “living a lavish lifestyle on donor funds” again all bull crap. I made more money before the wall campaign started, and today after leaving WBTW, inc. I now make more money than I did during that time building the wall. It’s not a crime to be successful, yet that’s what they are trying to allege. I work hard every day, and even after this phony indictment I was able to start another business that is now remarkably successful and I’ll probably buy a bigger boat too, that’s what the American dream is all about. But the Communist/Marxist democrats in this country want to destroy that dream and the way to do that is by attacking the core of America’s beliefs.

Everything in the indictment about WBTW, Inc leaders is 100% false, twisted and grossly exaggerated on a level that rivals the left-wing media hit pieces on Trump. This itself should be a crime against the SDNY prosecution. The truth will come out, the crooks are the SDNY who stole donor funds and the postal service who stole our donor list to target conservative donors.

This is all part of their grand scheme to attack high-profile veterans just like they did with General Michael Flynn. They want to take away the patriotic element from our youth and vilify America’s greatest asset, our service members. If people aren’t willing to signup and die for this nation we are done. We lose it all. We become the generation who lost it all.

If there’s anything I’m guilty of today, it’s being a patriotic straight white male veteran with a beautiful family and a gorgeous model wife,  who overcame the loss of three limbs in combat to get an architecture degree. I made no excuses for my disabilities and instead built the American dream for my family.

Anyone who stands up to the status quo is next… its happening right now but together we will win.

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