BREAKING: Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin Needs to be Stopped – He Wants to Change Law So that He Alone Can Authorize Purchase $100 Million in Voting Machine Equipment

The Republican Secretary of State in Louisiana is at it again.  He’s trying to make changes to the law that will enable him to purchase $100 million in voting machine equipment for the state.  

We reported on this previously.  After the corrupt and questionable results in the 2020 Election across the nation, the Republican Secretary of State in Louisiana decided to push through the purchase of over $100 million in voting machine equipment for the state.

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Apparently, Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin really wants to purchase $100 million of voting machine equipment and technology for the state of Louisiana.  After all the bad press that voting machines received after the 2020 election, you really have to wonder why Ardoin is so diligent about pushing for the purchase of these machines.

Patriots in the state of Louisiana are not happy with Ardoin’s actions.

They created this video to build awareness of the Secretary of State’s latest actions:

The People in Louisiana are standing up to two bills in the state’s legislature that are not what they claim to be – SB 221 and HB 373:

Two top Republican Legislators in Louisiana, with the support of Republican Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin,  have introduced election bills in 2021.  These bills have been labeled “non-controversial,” or even hailed as election integrity measures.   However, Citizens from North to South Louisiana, who have taken a closer look at these bills, are protesting that the Republican-carried Bills are Trojan Horses…

SB 221 is the legislation being considered and it undermines election integrity in many ways:

  • It arguably blocks the Attorney General from reviewing and potentially invalidating illegal or improper Election rules enacted by the Secretary of State.
  • Places the Commission and Committee supposedly designed to provide independent oversight of Louisiana elections, squarely within the Office of the Secretary of State.

Another bill, HB 373 by Rep. Stuart Bishop provides that private contractors that work with the information management systems of state agencies could have their “registration” excluded from public records. Private contractors that work with State Agencies’ information systems, could thus have their registration shielded from public scrutiny, and released only to government officials.  “Registration” could be interpreted to include the identity, membership, ownership, foreign control, or legal description of information management companies that work for state agencies.

In short, private contractors that manage information systems for state agencies could have their identity and ownership concealed from the public, under Rep. Bishop’s bill.

Ultimately, HB 373 could block public access to information about the foreign ownership and control of Dominion, which now counts votes in Louisiana elections. Dominion and/or its subcontractors could decide Louisiana elections, without Louisiana citizens even knowing who was counting their votes.

There are real solutions to vote fraud in Louisiana.  Senate Hewitt’s SB 221 and Rep. Bishop’s HB 373 achieve none of them.  So what should be done?

  • Require all Legislators voting on Election procedures, the Secretary of State and his entire Staff, to make sworn disclosures under oath of any monies directly or indirectly  received by them from voting machine companies and related entities, its affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, representatives, lobbyists or lawyers.
  • Require a thorough, comprehensive and public testing, audit and inspection of any hardware and software used in elections.
  • Require that the Voting Companies used by the State disclose all passwords and codes to authorized State Election Officials to permit testing, inspections and audits.
  • Require Executives of Dominion and other Voting Companies to submit to Cross Examination under oath about their operations in Louisiana and other States.
  • Utilize paper ballots, that provide a documented paper trail of votes cast, and much more.

It is true that concerns  about voting integrity in Louisiana–– and America–– have largely arisen in the context of the Presidential election of 2020, involving Donald Trump and Joe Biden.   Ultimately, however, election integrity, truthfulness in vote counting and the sanctity of the American principle of one person/one vote, are principles that cut across every ethnic line, every demographic boundary, every socioeconomic border.  The demand for open and fair elections,  underscores every American’s love of freedom.  Efforts to steal votes anywhere, jeopardize the freedom of citizens everywhere.

It is fair for Louisianans to ask:  Were SB 221 and HB 373 brought to promote election integrity–– or to bestow upon its backers,  money, power and control?

Louisiana needs to stand up to any attempts to take over the election in that state and the citizens know it.

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