WATCH: Bitter Liz Cheney Says She Regrets Voting for Trump, Won’t Say If She Will Leave Party if He’s the 2024 Nominee

Bitter loser Liz Cheney said that she regrets voting for Donald Trump in 2020 during  a preview of an interview with ABC News anchor Jon Karl that will air in full on Sunday’s episode of “This Week.”

The politician, seemingly desperate to keep the undeserved attention flowing, would not say whether or not she will leave the party if Trump is the 2024 nominee.

“Did you vote for Donald Trump in 2020?” Karl asked.

“I did,” Cheney replied.

“Do you regret that vote?” the anchor followed up. “How could you not regret that vote given what’s happened?”

The disgraced representative replied, “I was never going to support Joe Biden, and I do regret the vote. It was a vote based on policy, based on substance, and what I know in terms of the kinds of policies he put forward that were good for the country. But I think it’s fair to say that I regret the vote.”

Karl asked, “If the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump in 2024 could you stay in a Republican Party that decides he should be the nominee again?”

“I will do everything I can to make sure he is not the nominee and everything necessary to make sure he  never gets  anywhere close to the Oval Office again,” Cheney replied, trying to dodge the question.

“But would you remain in the party if he were the nominee?” Karl pressed.

Still, she continued to dodge, saying “I will not support him and do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.”


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