New York School District Says Students Must Show Proof of Vaccination or Negative COVID Test to Attend Prom and Graduation

Massena Central High School in New York is requiring students to show proof of vaccination or negative COVID tests in order to attend prom or graduation.

The school’s principal, Alan C. Oliver, has given seniors a deadline for getting the vaccine in order to be clear to attend.

“The prom is scheduled for June 12. Graduation has been scheduled for June 25, with a rain date of June 26. Anyone attending those events must show proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 testing,” NNY360 reports. “Mr. Oliver said, if students wanted to be vaccinated, they had the choice of three types —Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. Each had its own timeline that needed to be followed.”

To be eligible to attend the milestone events, students would need to complete all required rounds of whichever type they took.

“The Pfizer option would consist of two shots, three weeks apart, and then a two-week wait after the second shot to be fully vaccinated. The Moderna option would consist of two shots, four weeks apart, and then a two-week wait after the second shot to be fully vaccinated. Those who chose the Johnson & Johnson option would receive one shot, and would need to wait two weeks after the shot to be fully vaccinated,” the NNY360 report explains.

The principal said that Pfizer or Moderna won’t get students into prom in time, as they require several rounds, but Johnson & Johnson will.

“If you go for the Pfizer or Moderna shot, you’ll see that you’re not fully vaccinated until after the prom, but before graduation. The student who opts to get the J & J shot this week or early next week has plenty of time to be fully vaccinated before the prom, so that’s a good thing,” Mr. Oliver said. “The other option obviously if you don’t go to vaccination is to get a COVID test. That works just as well (for admission to the prom and graduation).”

Therefore, if a student wants to attend both, they have to rush into the decision.

“Regardless, no matter what you choose, if your family chooses vaccination, you really don’t have a lot of time to wait. This is something you need to be considering doing right now because of the time frames involved in the vaccination,” Mr. Oliver said.


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