EXCLUSIVE: Why is Auditor Harry Hursti, Who Uncovered the Fatal Flaws in Diebold Memory Cards in 2005, Hiding These Flaws in the Windham, NH Audit This Week?

Only one of three auditors in Windham, New Hampshire, stuck around and did any work on the third and fourth days of the scheduled four-day onsite audit in Windham this past week.  

Computer scientist Dr. Harri Hursti ended up, strangely, being the only team member left in Windham, NH to forensically audit both the town’s Diebold memory cards and their AccuVote Optical Scan (AV-OS) tabulating systems.

Both of Harry’s colleagues, Dr. Philip Stark and Dr. Mark Lindeman, were unaccountably missing for both days of this pre-planned, two-day audit of these Diebold election products. This appears to be in violation of the April 12, 2021, NH law, SB 43, which states there shall be a “forensic election audit team” of three “to complete the audit.

This situation left Hursti alone, with no checks & balances upon his work product.

Diebold Election Systems, through several sales and mergers since 2002 became Premier Election Solutions and, eventually, the company known today as Dominion Voting SystemsDominion also owns “the intellectual property of the AccuVote and its related elections management system.

On Tuesday, on-the-ground election integrity activist Lisa Mazur in NH reported on the troubling departure, on Tuesday and Wednesday, of two of the three members of the Windham audit team, after she had visited the Windham audit site that morning:

You can’t make this stuff up … We hired a team of three, Hursti, Stark and Lindeman. Stark left the audit yesterday, not coming back. Still have until Thursday but he won’t be here ’til Thursday and 9:00 this morning I’m there, I’m sitting there and I see Lindeman go up to Anne Edwards [NH Associate Attorney General] and say, ‘Alright I’m leaving, you have my phone number if you need me.’ He walks out.

I’m looking around like is he coming back? I asked a few questions and check out this clip from Hursti and my question to him about that:

Mazur: Does Mark Lindeman have any part in this process?
Hursti: Nope.
Mazur: Did he leave?
Hursti: I think he is going to leave and come back Thursday.”


Thursday, however, ended the onsite audit when everything got quickly packed up and returned to NH election officials.

Hursti’s misdirections, always drawing our attention to his audit of the mysterious, inner workings of the Diebold AV-OS tabulators (aka Diebold ES2000 units), are nothing more than big, fat red herrings, effectively leading us far away from talk of these units’ old-fashioned, removable memory cards. It is there where undetectable manipulation of an election count and a thrown election could be found, if and only if the cards themselves haven’t already been wiped, altered, over-written, lost, or even switched after the dirty deed was completed.

It’s on these memory cards where Hursti needs to be shining the light of day.

Hursti is the country’s acknowledged expert on the hackability of these particular Diebold AV-OS memory cards, and it is shocking that he has avoided any explanations regarding their inherent, built-in vulnerabilities, fatal flaws, and security failures, resulting in an absolute lack of election transparency and security.

Back on December 13, 2005, as we reported on May 26, Hursti was invited to a mock election in Leon County, Florida as a “hacker” and asked to hack into these same Diebold AV-OS memory cards. Hursti stunned the crowd by not only secretly & efficiently hacking into a memory card, without need of a password or key, and utterly changing the outcome of the mock election to reflect his own choices – in the blink of an eye and in full view of everyone – but by also leaving absolutely no trace of his “crime.


It was the magic trick of the century, dubbed by history as the Hursti Hack! It also broke the back of the Diebold company, had its President and CEO, Walden O’Dell, abruptly resigning that very day, and, within that week, Diebold investors had filed numerous class-action lawsuits against the company. In August 2007, Diebold, after an Anti-Trust Settlement was announced, changed its name to Premier Election Solutions and today it is known as Dominion Voting Systems.

On March 10, 2006, less than three months after the Hursti Hack, the NH Ballot Law Commission insanely approved new firmware for the NH Diebold AccuVote OS tabulators, which were the only voting machines approved for use in the state, despite Hursti and other’s evidence of their insecurity, hackability and susceptibility to secret election tampering.

Hursti’s own testimony about NH’s Diebold AV-OS machines and memory cards, given at NH House Election Law Committee hearings on September 19, 2007, provided shocking exposure of the control over elections a nefarious party or parties could have:

If you are believing on poll tape that doesn’t mean a thing because I can control the whole thing over whatever logic and accuracy that you perform just before the election. Because I have control. I can compare the date, the time. And so in order to be producing fraudulent tape, I will be producing fraudulent tape only on Tuesday evening. And I don’t worry about what ballots go through.

An October 30, 2006 University of Connecticut VoTeR Center, Security Assessment of the Diebold Optical Scan Voting Terminal, warned:

The memory card should never be allowed to be outside the AV-OS terminal (in fact this is the approach taken in the State of Connecticut). Given that no cryptographic integrity check is employed by the AV-OS memory card management, the moment the card is removed from a terminal it can be considered to be compromised.


Why is Harri Hursti not disclosing these facts about Windham’s Diebold AV-OS memory cards and that they are likely the central issue behind Windham’s unusual and troubling 2020 election results?

In fact, how could Hursti have even agreed to contract for this NH audit in the first place knowing, who better, that these Diebold election tabulators would allow anyone with criminal intent, who has access to the memory cards and a little know-how, to secretly and without detection both alter Windham’s election results, at will… …and then erase all evidence of that crime?

Hursti simply cannot claim to not know these facts and that any audit of these Diebold AV-OS tabulators and their memory cards is an effort in futility. An honest, ethical, and rigorous auditor would be compelled to include these facts in his or her verbal and written reports to Windham voters.

This would, however, serve to expose the extreme danger of these election machines to Windham and, by extension, to New Hampshire. Once again, Hursti might be responsible – just like he partially was back in 2005 – of company CEO resignations, class action lawsuits by the investors, and an Anti-Trust Settlement not of Diebold Election Systems, but – here in 2021 – of Dominion Voting Systems.

So, why is Hursti, 16 years after his Hursti Hack, instead of exposing the fatal flaws in these Diebold memory cards, why is he hiding them?

Where, exactly, is Hursti’s loyalty because it is certainly not to the citizens and voters of the Town of Windham and New Hampshire.

Why was Hursti seemingly – exclusively and solely – put in charge of auditing Windham’s Diebold memory cards and tabulators? Did Stark and Lindeman recognize the radioactive danger to their careers in auditing these Diebold memory cards and tabulators and abandon ship?

On Thursday, the election audit over, Hursti appeared to still be the only auditor as he spoke with WMUR-TV:

Nothing today is showing evidence of fraud. Nothing today is showing evidence of digital manipulation of the machines. Right now, it just seems to be a case of a perfect storm where so many things happened in order to have this discrepancy…

…We are going to continue to do the analysis and that’s for the next 45 days…and if we discover something we will write it to the report. We are no shape or form done.

Hursti misdirected again. He not only avoided any mention of those Diebold memory cards, he disingenuously, twice, authoritatively assured the public that there is no evidence of fraud nor digital manipulation of the Diebold machines.

However, no evidence of fraud does not mean that fraud doesn’t exist! It simply means there is no evidence, which is exactly what you would expect to find with a Diebold AV-OS memory card. No evidence.

Hursti did not overtly lie but he did slickly spin the truth.

For a professional scientist of his standing being asked to conduct a forensic audit of this caliber for, probably, a pretty penny of NH taxpayer dollars, leaving out essential data is as bad as including false data.

On Tuesday, Hursti did report upon his forensic audit of the Windham Diebold memory cards, which, he claims, ended up needing not a 1 ½ hour audit each, as the team had originally publicized, but a 6 hour audit. Each.

WMUR-TV reported:

Adam Sexton: Harri Hursti, one of the independent auditors, is currently scanning the memory cards that run Windham’s 1980’s era machines. That process is expected to take six hours. Hursti says only the first 32 kilobytes of the cards contain any information.

Hursti: However, because this is a forensic audit, we need to read the whole card to see that there’s no malware hiding in the tail end of the card.

There is a bridge for sale in Brooklyn, for those who buy this story.

Next day, on Wednesday, Hursti posted this on his Twitter account:

Memory cards will never 100% match, all differences will be further studied. None of the cards have not-of-bounds data (data after expected structure ends). One of the cards differs more from others, and will be further studied. Analysis continues, these are preliminary findings.

Does this tell us that the memory cards were, except for that first 32 kilobytes, all empty of data from the 2020 election?! If so, this is astonishing and deeply troubling information and could indicate that there was destruction of 2020 electronic election data prior to the audit even beginning!

Has Harri Hursti just revealed the fact that this 2020 Windham forensic audit was already compromised before it even began? Did he just expose the fact that irrevocable damage had been done to data stored in memory from the 2020 Windham election?

Given the University of Connecticut VoTeR Center’s 2006 warning about the Diebold AV-OS tabulators, were these Windham Diebold AV-OS memory cards ever separated from their Diebold tabulators? If so, they were irrevocably compromised at that moment in time.

Why were these memory cards and Diebold AV-OS machines forensically audited by only one person, Harri Hursti? What’s going on here? Whatever happened to Stark and Lindeman?

Hursti, of all people, should be exposing these Diebold memory cards for what they are: the answer to election thieves’ prayers. Instead, he’s throwing computer scientist fairy dust in our eyes, hoping we won’t notice.

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