BREAKING: Don Lemon Announces Friday Was Final Episode of ‘CNN Tonight With Don Lemon’ — But He is NOT Leaving the Network

Don Lemon announced during his show on Friday that it would be the final episode of CNN Tonight With Don Lemon.

The far-left pundit did not say that he was leaving the network, despite tweets to the contrary.

“So earlier I told you I had an announcement, and I do,” Lemon said at the end of his show on Friday night. “It’s been really really great. This is the last night that we will be CNN Tonight With Don Lemon. I appreciate all the years of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, but changes are coming and I will fill you in.”

Following the announcement, Lemon took to Twitter to explain that he is not leaving CNN — simply that it was the “end of an era” for the show.

“Hey everyone. Not what you think. I’m not leaving CNN. Tune in for the handoff on Monday at 10pE and I’ll explain,” he tweeted.

From the sounds of it, there will be some changes at the network and he will likely be starting a new project or show.


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