Biden’s America and the Road to Perdition

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The following tweet sums it up. We’re “so f*cking screwed.” The following “recruitment” ad joins the list of absurd, ridiculous political correctness that is drowning our National Security agencies and institutions. Recruiting homosexuals and promoting homosexuals is the common theme in the recent release of CIA and Army recruitment propaganda.

Please understand my point. One’s sexuality should not matter. One’s skin color should not matter. What matters is whether the man or woman loves America and is willing to protect and defend the Constitution. Period.

But that is not the focus of these recruitment campaigns. Efforts are underway in the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marine to seek out and promote as “normal” the weird, disturbed, dysfunctional people that in the past were shunned as officers and/or leaders in out intelligence and military organizations. No longer.

If you are a Caucasian male, born in a two parent heterosexual family and attended Church or Synagogue, you are now classified as the “extremist” by the very organizations that have depended on such people to stand on the bulwark to defend America.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not ignoring or trying to hide the shortcomings and, at times, slimey, depraved conduct of hetero white guys who dishonored themselves in the CIA or the Army. Former CIA Director John Brennan and retired General James Clapper come to mind.

Part of the reason we are in the situation we are now–i.e., the complete unraveling of the professional and ethical standards supposed to govern intelligence and military professionals–is because of the actions by the Brennans, Clappers and Bidens that infest Washington, DC and its gargantuan web of bureaucracies.

So now who is going to join the ranks of a military that is celebrating feminism and transgender insanity as normal? Already we are witnessing blowback on officers who try to resist this rush to destruction. They are easily taken care of–forcibly retired or assigned to dead end jobs. Meanwhile, the enablers of debauchery and degeneracy are being promoted and in turn selecting subordinates willing to enthusiastically kiss their asses.

The history of nations that go down this path is short and brutal. The vast majority of Americans are too young to recall the sycophancy that made Adolf Hitler possible. Protecting career and status became more important than speaking the truth to the power of that madman. The toadies surrounded him praised his military genius as he opened a two front war by attacking the Soviets in 1941 and as he refused to order the withdrawal of German forces ultimately surrounded and destroyed at Stalingrad.

You think we are being led by more sane, intelligent men and women? We live in a nation where a growing number of leaders speak reverently about the unscientific idea of multiple genders and, at the same time, denounce anyone who dares talk of genuine biological facts–i.e., that male sperm and female ova must come together to create new human beings.

We live in a nation where the media and political elite claim that black lives matter but then ensure that Plan Parenthood is flooded with dollars used to murder black babies, who have the misfortune of being carried by impoverished black women.

We live in a nation where a woke class of so-called professional educators are demanding rigorous curricula, such as math, be dumbed-down and social justice nonsense be adopted instead.  What these morons do not understand is that this silliness will not role with the criminal gangs that control most of the neighborhoods in black urban centers. Drug trafficking organizations demand an old school knowledge of math. You have to know weight (including metrics, i.e. “a kilo). You have to be able to add and subtract. You must know how to count. Otherwise, if a 14 year old drug courier gets the money count wrong he or she is unlikely to see a new sunrise.

We now live in a nation where the media and entertainment elite wail incessantly about racism but, without the teeniest sense of irony, insist that we judge people by the color of their skin. If you are white you are a racist. Got it?

Look no further than Loudon County, Virginia, where a middle school “teacher” is pushing the meme that the classic, To Kill A Mockingbird, is racist. Tucker Carlson called out this deranged female last night for her lunacy:

Keep in mind that Andrea Weiskopf is actually a middle school teacher. She’s not a paid actor. We did not make her up to prove a point. She’s entirely real, down to the ostentatiously displayed pronouns in her Twitter bio. Miss Weiskopf explained how the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” — a book the rest of us assumed was all about why racism is bad — is in fact itself racist because it causes something called “racial trauma,” due to the fact there are white people in it:

ANDREA WEISKOPF:  It’s funny how they are so afraid of having their children seeing another view of sexuality, gender or religion…If you want to talk about books that are assigned, let’s read To Kill a Mockingbird together. If you aren’t able to consider the racial trauma this assigned book causes black children with its white saviorism, then you have no business discussing any books.

If you don’t consider “To Kill a Mockingbird” racist, says Andrea Weiskopf, then, “you have no business discussing any books.” Can you even imagine what this lady’s personal life must be like? Miserable doesn’t begin to describe it. Desperate. Hellish.

In the military, at least in thirty years ago, it was not the color of your skin that determined your ability to succeed. It was performance. The standards to become an Army Ranger or a Green Beret or a member of Delta Force was color blind. But that is now changing. Rather than hold the line, today’s military leadership is surrendering to political correctness.

And this will lead to the deaths of many Americans in a coming war. We will no longer have the courageous leaders willing to call bullshit. Instead, the ranks of our military leadership is being filled with each passing day with craven souls keen on getting their next star and their next command. Rise in the ranks, secure your pension and then jump into bed with the whores, I mean the contractors, that infest the Washington, DC metro area.

Unfortunately, the only thing that will awake us from this nightmare of delusion will be a catastrophe. Whether we can survive it or not remains to be seen. Unless a few good men and good women stand up and refuse to surrender to the woke culture, our road to Perdition may not have an exit.



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