Watch Tucker Carlson Rip Apart RINO Arkansas Governor For Supporting Child Sex Changes

Tucker Carlson did not hold back his contempt for RINO Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoing a bill that would have banned child sex change surgeries during an interview on Tuesday night.

Carlson blasted Gov. Hutchinson for being “pro-choice for chemical castration.”

The governor had announced that he would veto a bill passed by the Arkansas legislature banning doctors from prescribing puberty blockers or performing gender reassignment surgeries on children.

“I think of you as a conservative,” Carlson said. “Here you have come out publicly as pro-choice on the question of chemical castration of children. What changed?”

The governor asserted that he believes medical decisions, apparently including chemically castrating children, should be between doctors and their families — much the same way the left defends abortion.

“This is chemical castration, of course – if you stop puberty and suppress the sex hormones, you are chemically castrating,” Carlson told the governor. “We are talking about minors, children here.”

Carlson demanded to know if children should also be allowed to drink beer, have sex and get tattoos.

“You have vetoed a bill that would have protected children – not adults – children from a life-altering permanent procedure that has effects we can only guess at,” Carlson added. “But the early indication is they are very serious and very negative in some cases. And now you are telling me – why are we preventing kids from getting married or drinking, having sex? They are not old enough to have sex but they are old enough to be chemically castrated?”

Hutchinson continued to assert that “these are difficult decisions” that should be left to “medical professionals” and “medical counselors.”

This interview will definitely leave a mark for when Hutchinson attempts to be reelected.


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