Washington Post Report May Include Some Accuracy In Indicating that It Was former AG Bill Barr Who Blocked the Release of the Spygate Documents

The Washington Post came out with a story this past week that indicates that former AG Bill Barr was the one to block the release of the Spygate documents. 

Since this comes from the Washington Post we have to take it with a grain of salt, but if true, it’s a damning report on the former AG Bill Barr.  According to deep state favorite David Ignatius of the Washington Post:

In the Trump administration’s four-year battle with the intelligence community, a recurring character was a brash lawyer named Kashyap P. “Kash” Patel. He appeared so frequently, in so many incarnations, that he was almost a “Zelig” figure in President Donald Trump’s confrontation against what he imagined as the “deep state.”

Patel repeatedly pressed intelligence agencies to release secrets that, in his view, showed that the president was being persecuted unfairly by critics. Ironically, he is now facing Justice Department investigation for possible improper disclosure of classified information, according to two knowledgeable sources who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the probe. The sources said the investigation resulted from a complaint made this year by an intelligence agency, but wouldn’t provide additional details.

Ignatius reports further:

Patel’s most prominent role was his final job, as chief of staff for acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller in the administration’s last two months. In that position, according to sources close to events, he challenged the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, and very nearly became acting director of the CIA himself.

This indicates that CIA Head, Gina Haspel, was ready to leave the Trump Administration.  She stayed but many had hoped she left much sooner and believed she couldn’t be trusted.  Ignatius went on complimenting Patel for his work on Spygate while downplaying the entire corrupt coup as well:

Patel sometimes hit pay dirt. He was the main author of a January 2018 House Intelligence Committee report recounting abuses by the FBI in its application for electronic surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Though Democrats at the time were reluctant to agree, facts that emerged later showed serious abuses in the Page investigation, and a former FBI lawyer pleaded guilty last year to falsifying information that was used to apply for warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Then in his effort to disparage Patel, Ignatius releases the names of the individuals who did not want the American people to know who was behind the Trump – Russia coup and what the facts were.  These individuals prevented the release of documents that would have provided this information to the public and one individual made the final call:

The battle against the deep state continued, meanwhile. Patel kept pushing, along with DNI Ratcliffe, for declassification of memos challenging the origins of the Russia investigation. Nakasone strongly dissented, and Esper backed him up in an October letter to Ratcliffe “urging that the information not be released due to the harm it would do to national security, including specific harm to the military,” a senior defense official said. Haspel, too, strongly opposed release of the information. Their argument for protecting sensitive information was finally supported by Attorney General William P. Barr, and Trump backed away, a source close to the events said.

We don’t know if this is accurate or not.  Ignatius pushed the phony Russia sham for years so he is not someone whose reporting can be trusted fully.  But this may be true.  If so, this is damning on for the former officials in the Trump era, Nakasone, Esper, Haspel, and especially Barr.

These people were more committed to the Deep State than to the American people.  This shows the kind of individuals in the government who became Deep Staters and therefore anti-Americans.  Transparency is always the best policy and in this case, it was desperately needed.  Americans had been put through three years of constant criticism of the President by Big Media based on a bogus dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.  Trump and the American people were due the truth.

Bill Barr turned out to be more dedicated to the Deep State than to the President and America.  It took nearly two years but his true colors showed at the end of his time in office.

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We knew after the corrupt election with thousands of instances of crimes and fraud across the country that when Barr’s response was to do nothing on behalf of the American people, he was not a good guy.  This was not complying with his oath.  It was shameful and potentially criminal.

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Now we know it was Barr who recommended not releasing information to the American people that would show the crimes by the Democrats and others involved in the Trump – Russia collusion sham.  He likely prevented these documents from being released because it would have shown the DOJ’s total disgusting anti-American bias and criminal actions in covering up this same scam.

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