“We [Patriots] Have to Show Righteous Indignation” If Democrats in AZ Win Their Case Today – President Trump’s Campaign Attorney, Boris Epshteyn

Steve Bannon at the WarRoom Pandemic interviewed President Trump’s Campaign attorney, Boris Epshteyn, to discuss the Temporary Restraining Order dropped by the Democrats last night in Arizona.
At 2:00 pm EST today, the Democrats go in front of the judge in Arizona.
CONDENSED VERSION of Bannon/Epshteyn interview:
Boris Epshteyn: “The expectation is that this will fail, it will not succeed. You never know.” “These arguments [of Democrat Steve Gallardo, the sole Democrat of the five-person Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and the Arizona Democratic Party] are weak.” “If they succeed [with their Temporary Restraining Order, TRO] there is going to be a more in-depth hearing next week.”
“We [patriots, deplorables] have to show righteous indignation … that this is unacceptable … We cannot allow the courts, which refused to give rightful hearings … we cannot allow for the court to manufacture ways to stand in the way.”
“Why don’t we all want to know the truth?’ “Why wouldn’t we want to know the truth? The answer is obvious … here’s the answer, it’s about the old-fashioned, hard ballots…”
Steve Bannon: “The Democrats are panicked. They’re panicked about the good old-fashioned way that they did this.”
“When this continues forward this is not going to go unnoticed. This is the new front.”
BE: “This is where the new woke is going to attack.”
“We should all be coming together in this. Of course, the Democrats won’t … they don’t want this, but we as patriots have to insist on it and don’t back down.”
“In 2022, there’s going to be a big election out there .. what happens now is going to be determinative [to] if we win that race in 2022.”
Raheem Kassam: “This screams guilt.” “There is an audit supposed to be done and at the last minute the Democrats are trying to stop it. Why would they do that?”
SB: “As a force multiplier … now is the appropriate time…. I think people thought this would happen … the Democrats are in panic mode. … the deeper narrative, you [Democrats] broke the sanctity [of the elections]!”

All hands on deck.

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