Dishonest Media Forgot To Mention Part About Loaded Gun Allegedly In Front Seat Next To Army Lt. Nazario’s Leg

Yesterday, the Windsor, VA Police Department was notified that they were being sued by Army Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario for a December traffic stop that turned ugly.

As reported by 100 Percent Fed Up – In the recorded traffic stop, Army Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario, who is Black and Latino can be seen in uniform as a Latino police officer attempts to convince Nazario to get out of his vehicle. The police officer, who appears to be frustrated after driving a mile behind Nazario’s vehicle with their lights flashing, is then confronted with a belligerent driver who refuses to exit his vehicle.

Instead of complying with the request of the Latino police officer, a defiant Nazario tells him, “I’ve not committed any crime.” The two Windsor police officers can be seen drawing their guns and ordering him to get out.  “I’m honestly afraid to get out,” Nazario tells them. One of the police officers replied, “Yeah dude, you should be.”

Instead of complying, Nazario chooses instead, to repeatedly push the limits of the police officers. The Windsor Police officer uses pepper spray to subdue the subject. They handcuff him and then search his vehicle, a Nazario asks, “Why am I being treated like this—Why? This is really messed up! You know this is f**ed up!” The police offer explains, “Because you’re not cooperating.”

The video has now gone viral on social media, as the typical BLM radicals make the traffic stop into a racial crisis. Qasim Rashid, a popular far-left agitator on Twitter tweeted a video of the incident, calling it “Horrific police violence.”


What the BLM activists and our dishonest media is not telling everyone is that Nazario refused to stop for over ONE MILE, that he had no visible tag on his license plate, that he was NON-COMPLIANT when he did stop and that he had a GUN in plain view!

News Max host Greg Kelly, called Nazario a “bad lieutenant” and revealed that he had a loaded gun by his leg on the floor of the vehicle in the front seat. Of course, the media and the BLM hysteria messengers forgot to mention that part!

Newsmax host Greg Kelly tweeted about strict policies that most Army bases have about storing weapons, asking which base he was coming from and if he had been in compliance or non-compliance with the Army bases rules, as he carried a gun on the floor of his vehicle.



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