Derek Chauvin’s Defense Plays Video of Him Kneeling On George Floyd’s Shoulder—Not His Neck

Derek Chauvin’s lead defense attorney Eric Nelson played a video for the court on Monday that appears to show his client was kneeling on George Floyd’s shoulder — not his neck.

Black Lives Matter, and the mainstream media journalists that support them, have long claimed that the officer was kneeling on the 46-year-old drug addict’s neck.

Nelson asked Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo if he was familiar with the concept of “camera perspective bias” before playing two different angles of footage from the scene.

The two videos he played were from teenager Darnella Frazier and the police bodycam footage from former Officer Alexander Kueng. In the video recorded by Frazier, the angle makes it appear that the officer’s knee is on Floyd’s neck, however, in the body camera footage from the same exact time, you can clearly see that his knee is on the criminal’s shoulder.

So, at least during some parts of the arrest, it is pretty clear that Chauvin had his knee on his shoulder.

“Would you agree that from the perspective of Officer Kueng’s body camera it appeared Officer Chauvin’s knee was more on Mr. Floyd’s shoulder blade?” Nelson asked Arradondo.

“Yes,” Arradondo responded.


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