More Deaths From Drug Overdoses Than COVID In Liberal Utopia Of San Francisco

Democrat-run cities continue to get worse.

The far-left New York Times was forced to report that more people in San Francisco died of drug overdoses than COVID last year.

The New York Times reported:

The drugs killed them in plain view — in front of the public library, at the spot on Powell Street where the cable car used to turn around. Others died alone in single-room apartments or in camping tents pitched on the pavement, each death adding to an overdose crisis that is one of the worst in the nation.

Drug overdoses rose across the country during the coronavirus pandemic. But in San Francisco, they skyrocketed, claiming 713 lives last year, more than double the 257 people here who died of the virus in 2020.

San Francisco’s overdose death rate is higher than West Virginia, the state with the most severe crisis, and three times the rates of New York and Los Angeles. Although overdose data from the past year is incomplete, one researcher found that San Francisco — where overdoses have more than tripled since 2017 — has more overdoses per capita than any major city on the West Coast.

Yet California’s Governor Gavin Newsom (D) was more interested in restricting the freedom of California’s residents.

California had some of the strictest COVID measures in the nation.

San Francisco ordered its residents to shelter in place during the early days of the COVID pandemic.

The order called on Sheriffs and Police Officers to “ensure compliance” with the order.

San Francisco Goes on Lockdown – Residents Ordered to “Shelter in Place” For Three Weeks in Response to Coronavirus Panic

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