Georgia Judge Allowed Auditors to Move Ahead with Upcoming Audit Despite Raffensperger’s Pleas(UPDATE)

The people in Georgia need to stand up and demand a valid forensic audit of Fulton County’s 2020 Election results!

Where are the grassroots patriots like in Arizona we will stand up and demand the state perform a valid forensic audit of results from the 2020 Election in Fulton County?

Crooked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger last week petitioned a judge to not allow an audit of the actual ballots in Georgia from the 2020 election.

Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Launches Investigation Into Trump’s Phone Calls to State Election Officials

Today it looks like the judge is going to side with creepy Raffensperger.  CD Media is reporting this morning:

CDMedia is monitoring the hearing in Henry County, GA between Fulton County election officials and, which is pushing for access to actual ballots used on Nov 3rd as witnesses testified under oath that thousands of ballots were counterfeit, not creased, and had not been mailed.

It looks like Judge Brian J Amero, Henry County Superior Court is going to rule that VoterGA can only scan images of the ballots and not the actual ballots themselves, and therefore VoterGA will not be able to detect the counterfeit ballots.

The ‘images only’ is what Raffensperger wanted.  He knows that the real ballots will show widespread fraud in the election and is doing all he can to prevent access to the paper ballots.  The paper ballots can be tested for paper type, ink type, and set up.  Things the images cannot be tested for.

Let’s hope the judge changes his mind.  Regardless the people in Georgia need to get together and stand up and demand real forensic audits of the entire state.

Five Months Since the Election, Georgia Still Lacks Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation on 355,000 Votes (Most All Likely for Joe Biden)

UPDATE – the judge did side with the independent auditors who asked to see the ballots in the county and more recently has allowed an audit of the absentee ballots in Fulton County.

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