The Bottom Dwellers are Worried: Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling Speaks Out Against AZ Audit — Why Is He So Anxious About a Forensic Audit in Georgia?

Gabriel Sterling, the media darling, far-left ‘Republican’, and Executive of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office is freaking out.  He had to say something negative about the audit in Arizona because he does not want the same audit performed in Georgia.  Which tells you all you need to know about Gabriel Sterling.

We reported numerous times on Sterling after the election.  He had everything upside down – looks like he hasn’t changed a lick:

WTH? Georgia Election Operative Gabriel Sterling EXPLODES ON TRUMP VOTERS After Dominion Employee Is Caught on Video Downloading Files on Laptops

We still have many questions about what Sterling and Secretary of State Raffensperger did with $16 million that passed their way before the election.  Also, why is Sterling, Raffensperger’s COO and CFO of the Secretary of State’s Office, when it is against policy and why is he a contract employee?

Georgia Official Jordan Fuchs Is Totally Cool with Lying to Far Left WaPo About President’s Phone Call in Hit on Trump

The thing that we notice most about crooked people is how they always project on others what they are guilty of.  Another Sterling example of this is his recent tweet about the Arizona audit:

Sterling says:

This ‘audit’ in Arizona is another step in undermining confidence in elections. This process is neither transparent nor, likely, legal,” Sterling said on Twitter.

Any ‘findings’ will be highly suspect now that chain of custody has been violated by partisan actors,” he added.

If done correctly, no audit is “another step in undermining the confidence in elections”.  Sterling simply doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.  If the audit comes back clean, then it would validate the original reporting and would support the election processes to date.  If the audit comes back with thousands of fraudulent ballots, then this too would give voters confidence because they would be able to say the process worked.

When he says the process is not transparent he is basically not telling the truth again.  This is the most transparent audit in history (This assessment comes from being in the audit field for decades and performing audits around the world.)

MOST TRANSPARENT AUDIT EVER: Cyber Ninjas Release Policies and Procedures after Arizona Court’s Order to Make Documents Public

Finally, the only chain of custody issues occurred when the MCBOS loaded the ballots up on trucks in an unauthorized ride to God-knows-where:

HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Judge Rules Maricopa County Must Provide 2.1 Million Ballots From 2020 to Arizona Senate for Audit

And who is Sterling to say anything about chain of custody:

Five Months Since the Election, Georgia Still Lacks Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation on 355,000 Votes (Most All Likely for Joe Biden)

Gabe Sterling is what has been called over the centuries – a big, dishonest, projecting piece of work.

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