EXCLUSIVE: Arizona’s Soros-Backed Sec. of State, Katie Hobbs, Has Glaring Conflicts of Interest With Senate’s Maricopa Audit, She Must Immediately Recuse Herself

At a crisis moment in not only Maricopa County and Arizona, but for our country as a whole, the elected official who has the absolute power to defend our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic and who could champion election integrity, honesty, and transparency has instead chosen to viciously attack those she should support. 

This individual is Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs.

We reported on SoS Hobbs previously when she labeled supporters of President Trump ‘Neo-Nazis’:

Arizona Secretary of State in Charge of Certifying Election Results Called Trump Supporters “Neo-Nazis”

We also reported this morning on her numerous connections to George Soros, the Clintons, and ‘far-left non-profits’ used for Democrat causes:

Arizona Secretary of State in Charge of Certifying Election Results Called Trump Supporters “Neo-Nazis”

In addition to the connections to corrupt individuals and politicians, we have uncovered one of her relationships that should force her to recuse herself from activities surrounding the Senate’s audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election results.

A shocking connection has been uncovered between Katie Hobbs and one of the attorneys who signed that Perkins Coie, et.al., April 6 e-demand letter.

HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Judge Rules Maricopa County Must Provide 2.1 Million Ballots From 2020 to Arizona Senate for Audit

That lawyer is Roopali Desai from the Phoenix law firm of Coppersmith Brockelman, whose bio states she “heads the firm’s Election and Political Law group and is the leading election lawyer in Arizona … including bringing and defending election challenges.” She has served on the board of the AZ chapter of the radical, far-left nonprofit, the ACLU for the last six years.

Desai is the very same attorney who represented SoS Hobbs in a case against the Trump Campaign in Maricopa County in November. The campaign wanted ballots in Maricopa examined and hand-counted. Howard Fischer in the Arizona Capitol Times stated that Desai accused the Trump campaign of having an ulterior motive in filing suit. She said it is trying to “present claims of fraud untethered from reliable and admissible evidence.”

Desai is clearly a part of the national stable of activist, progressive attorneys which Mark Elias’s Perkins Coie – and also Arizona SoS Katie Hobbs – can and have called upon when they have to prevent ethical, factual, transparent election audits from going forward.

Notably, Desai also served on the Transition Team for Katie Hobbs’ SoS election win in 2018.

All the key players in this Arizona battle were funded by George Soros and/or his networked empire: Perkins Coie, Marc Elias’s nonprofit, Katie Hobbs. All have fundamental connections to Hillary Clinton. All are fighting against election integrity and transparency and the AZ Senate’s Maricopa County forensic audit. They want it to be stopped dead in its tracks.

On top of this, yesterday Steve Bannon alerted us that the WarRoom Pandemic is waiting to get confirmation that Dominion Voting Systems and a team of 70 lawyers from Perkins Coie are filing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to halt the Arizona Senate’s forensic audit.

EXCLUSIVE: The Democrats’ Attorney Marc Elias Has His Army of Radical Lawyers Ready to Threaten and Stop Any Election Audit in Maricopa County Arizona

Maricopa, Arizona’s largest county representing over 60 percent of the state’s registered voters, was the only county in Arizona to utilize Dominion machines and those voting machines will be tested as part of the Senate’s audit.

Seventy lawyers! Looks like somebody doesn’t want their Dominion machines tested.

With this TRO confirmed, we will have proof that Perkins Coie is defending not only the Democratic machine’s legal threats in Arizona, it is also defending Dominion Voting Systems!

The big guns are out in this western state. All eyes in America on this one county, Maricopa, and the first forensic audit of a contested county from the November 3, 2020 election. All eyes are on the patriots in Arizona, from the fearless Arizona Senate and its President, Karen Fann, to the Senate’s four forensic audit teams and all the volunteer observers, and on each and every Maricopa and Arizona citizen who repeatedly demanded of their legislators that this forensic audit must go forward.

With all this going on it is imperative that all involved in the audit have independence and objectivity.  Because SoS Hobbs has personal connections to lawyers and firms already inserting themselves in this audit, the right, proper and legal thing for SoS Hobbs to do is to recuse herself from anything related to the Senate’s audit of Maricopa County.  Arizona should demand her recusal.

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