Arizona Also Adjudicated Thousands of Ballots (One Out of Eight) in 2020 Election – This Should Never Happen Again

Yesterday we noted that the adjudication process was performed extensively in Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada and because there are inherent issues with this process, voting machines should be outlawed in every election until these issues are addressed.  

Today we uncovered evidence that this process was also used on a material amount of ballots in Arizona.

We reported our concerns with the adjudication process in the voting systems used in the 2020 Election yesterday and suggested that these systems need to be outlawed until this process is fixed:

BREAKING: Michigan ‘Computer Glitch’ Fixed, Had Switched 6,000 Votes from President Trump to Biden – GOP Demands 47 More Counties Corrected

So what is ballot adjudication?

According to Pursue Democracy.

Ballot results can be altered in the adjudication process.  It is clear that controls need to be implemented to prevent fraud from occurring in these processes.

There has been much talk about voting machines used in the 2020 Election.  Many individuals (maybe rightly so) blamed the machines for the observed issues in the election.  But was it the machines or the systems surrounding the machines that were the cause of material issues in the 2020 Election?  It may be the systems that need to be addressed more than the machines, or it may be both.  However, if issues are not addressed, the controls within the voting machines can become weapons for fraud.

We can now report that Arizona also had a huge percent of ballots that were adjudicated in the 2020 Election.

In the video of testimonies in Arizona below, we see three key witnesses who discuss the adjudication process in Maricopa County.

  1. Jan Bryant (starts 6:35:47)
    1. “1 in 8 ballots were getting adjudicated” (6:48:04) equals 12.5%
    2. She worked 6 straight days & nights at MCTEC. She has an MBA/Project Mgmt background.
  2. Greg Wadinski (starts 7:03:34)
    1. “Overheard that 12% ballots were going to adjudication…” (7:10:40).
    2. MCTEC poll watcher (strong tech background).
  3. Linda Brickman (8:52:00)
    1. Moving names from the original ballot to the sample ballot some of those ballots were already completed (9:20:21)
    2. As soon as we entered a Trump ballot it defaulted to a Biden vote (9:02:15 & 9:14:36)…. Partisan staff took Trump voted ballots and entered his name as a write-in candidate, which got those ballots tossed.
    3. She worked four 8-10 hour days at MCTEC in several capacities. She’s also the GOP Chairwomen for Maricopa County

Going Forward:

Rudy Giuliani recognized the importance of this issue after the Antrim Country results were released.  He called for immediate investigations of the machines used in the swing states across the country.  Rudy was right again:

Republicans and concerned citizens in every state should demand a review of their results from the 2020 Election to determine the adjudication rates of their results and to determine whether the ballots that were adjudicated were adjudicated properly.  A full forensic audit should be performed to determine the validity of all the ballots recorded in the states’ elections.

The systems should include audit trail functionality to ensure the names of the adjudicators are noted and the time stamp for when the ballots are adjudicated.  The systems should mandate at least two adjudicators sign off on the adjudicated ballots (one from each party).  Ballots should be prevented from being adjudicated if they are not adjudication by at least two reviewers.   

In addition, controls need to be implemented to prevent excess adjudication from occurring in US elections.  When one-eighth of the ballots are going to adjudication, counting should be stopped and alternative controls implemented.

Until these items are embedded in the process, voting machines should not be used in elections in the US. 

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