IT’S ALREADY STARTING: MSNBC Guest Attacking Chauvin Jurors Before They Have Even Made Their Decision (VIDEO)

Elie Mystal attacked the jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial during an appearance on Tiffany Cross’s weekend MSNBC show The Cross Connection.

The trial is still ongoing, but the major network is already allowing intimidating attacks on the jurors.

“You have to remember, this jury has been seeded with ignorance. It’s been seeded with people who either did not see the video, which is almost impossible to do in this country, or, saw the video and couldn’t decide if sometimes, maybe black people do need to be choked to death for eight minutes and forty-six seconds. Maybe they had it coming!” Mystal said. “So those are the people that wer’re talking to here. It’s not talking to me; it’s not trying to convince you. That ship sailed long ago. They’re trying to convince 12 people that have been picked specifically for not knowing things. And so, that’s what — that’s what frightens me. No, they don’t need to put Chauvin on the stand. They need one juror to refuse to see a reason.”

Mystal, a militant far-left activist, also referred to the Minneapolis Police as “state-sponsored” terrorists during the appearance.

“We don’t let terrorists blame the victims for the terrorism. That’s not what happens in this country, unless the victim is black. And when the victim is black, these white, domestic, state-sponsored terrorists—which is what Derek Chauvin and his three accomplices were that day—state-sponsored terrorists. When the terrorism is against black people, it is suddenly okay for lawyers to make the arguments and judges to allow evidence suggesting that the victim of the terrorism was at fault for their own death,” Mystal said.

Of course, two of the three officers were not actually white — but MSNBC was not about to correct him.

Taking aim at the jurors, Newsbusters reports that Mystal “decried the ‘ignorance’ of the Chauvin jury, saying it was chosen by people who either had not seen the video of the arrest of George Floyd, or maybe ‘saw the video and couldn’t decide if sometimes, maybe black people do need to be choked to death.'”

Newsbusters also noted that Mystal also claimed Floyd “was killed ‘with impunity,’ when Chauvin in now on trial, he’s been removed from the police force, and the city of Minneapolis agreed in March to pay $27 million in a civil settlement to Floyd’s family, which was mentioned in this segment. That’s not the dictionary definition of ‘impunity.'”

The MSNBC host did not push back, but praised him instead.

“Elie, you’re so good! I hope you can stick around for the next hour!” Cross said.

Chauvin’s defense is expected to begin calling witnesses this week.


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