VIDEO: Leftists Side With Criminals Who Took Correctional Officer Hostage, Mob Harasses Female Jail Employee Leaving Work

At least one inmate took a correctional officer hostage at the Oklahoma County Jail and livestreamed their crime on Facebook — while making gang signs and demanding better conditions at the jail.

Ultimately, one inmate was shot and killed and the correctional officer is hospitalized in unknown condition.

Almost immediately, leftists sided with the hostage takers and went to the jail to protest in solidarity with the thugs taking hostages.

As a female jail employee was attempting to leave the building, the militant leftists began banging on her car and shouting at her.

Refusing to back down, she hopped out of her vehicle and confronted them, before finally making her way out of the tense and abusive situation.

The protesters are now blocking the gate to prevent employees from leaving work peacefully.

In footage from the livestream, the criminals demanded more showers and better food.

The criminal says “we just want our food, we ain’t going to hurt nobody.”

The inmate also claimed that they have been unable to take showers.

A large pool of blood could be seen on the floor in one of the videos.

Even as the situation was ongoing, leftists on Twitter were rooting for and siding with the prisoners.

This is a developing situation and the Gateway Pundit will be providing updates as it continues to unfold.


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