Trans Reddit User Posted Hundreds of Pornographic Drawings of Child Characters Under 10, Mods Banned Anyone Who Criticized Them

A former Reddit moderator is blasting their former fellow moderators for protecting a transgender user that posted over 750 pornographic drawings of characters under the age of 10, and banning anyone who criticized them.

Yet, Parler and other right wing social media platforms are the problem?

The former mod of r/LesbianGaming also alleges that they do not have proper age restrictions in place to protect minors from pornographic content.

“The subreddit r/lesbiangamers is a subreddit that is dedicated to sapphic gaming. Upon joining their discord after a couple of months the discord was abruptly shut down. There were a lot of horrific rumors about how the past owner did horrible things,” the former mod wrote.

In their post, they explained that a couple of months ago, a new Discord was created under the management of the subreddit mods. This person says that they pointed out security issues they noticed, including that users were allowed to access pornographic channels without having to verify their age.

“After seeing what a shitshow the server was, I promptly offered myself as an admin and was chosen. I provided a lot of feedback and input on the server, but they would not budge on their ‘verification’ process. So you always ran the risk of possibly having a minor in the server or a male, which is what they didn’t want,” the post continued.

The former mod goes on to explain that ultimately they had to step down from their role after getting into a heated message exchange with a trans user who was repeatedly posting pornographic images of Sonic the Hedgehog characters as small children in multiple sexual positions. Over 750 of these images, to be more precise.

“The main ones that disgusted me was the images of Cream and Tails because they are all under 10 years old. And they were having sex in all sorts of positions and it was just vomitworthy,” the former mod wrote. “I felt it was important to explain that the mods ALL had access to her Reddit posts and profile and chose to willingly ignore these images and ban ANYBODY who spoke out against the fact that it’s disturbing. They then decided to make a post slandering my character and at first I didn’t do anything because I was afraid I would be alone but so many people have come forward with proof of this person willingly admitting that she enjoys these kinds of images.”

They concluded that “I stand and I’m making this post because I think that it’s important that people hear and see the truth for what it is. And the truth is that they protected someone who looks at and enjoys characters who are underage in sexual positions.”

As Gateway Pundit also reported, trans Reddit moderator Ianna Drew Urquhart is facing scrutiny for allegedly having minors come to their apartment to take hormones and puberty blockers — apparently without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

In a post on Reddit, Urquhart joked that “with the number of trans girls that have come thru my apartment, I need to rename it Drewie’s House of Wayward Trans Girls.”

Last week, Reddit fired a controversial new-hire, former Reddit moderator and U.K. politician Aimee Knight.

Previously known by the surname Challenor, Knight, who is also transgender, was suspended by the U.K Green Party in 2018 for hiring their father on to their campaign. Their father was charged with taking indecent photographs, false imprisonment, rape and sexual assault of a child in November 2016.

Knight’s ties to pedophiles don’t end there.

The following year, Knight was suspended by the Liberal Democrats, the next political party they attempted to join, when people noticed that their husband Nathaniel Knight has been writing and sharing child rape fantasies online.



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