REMINDER: Governor Cuomo Sent COVID Patients to Developmentally Disabled Centers As Well as Nursing Homes

It seems like every vulnerable individual in New York suffered under Governor Cuomo’s directives and many more.

Hotair reported today on additional deaths in New York due to Governor Cuomo’s actions in 2020.  Not only did Cuomo force sick elderly with COVID back into New York’s homes for the elderly but he did the same with the disabled:

As if Andrew Cuomo’s policies didn’t have a high enough body count. New York’s embattled governor ordered facilities housing the developmentally disabled to admit COVID-19 patients too, mirroring the policy he ordered for nursing homes. Unlike the latter, however, Cuomo never rescinded this policy — and it might have resulted in hundreds of deaths in those facilities:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration ordered homes for people with developmental disabilities to accept coronavirus patients — and never rescinded the order.

The April 10 directive, which mirrored the Cuomo administration’s controversial order to nursing homes, also told homes for people with developmental disabilities that they could not require hospitalized residents to be tested for coronavirus prior to admission or readmission.

Five hundred fifty-two residents at homes for people with developmental disabilities have died of coronavirus, the New York Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) told Fox News on Monday.

More than 6,900 people out of the more than 34,552 who live in such resident homes have been infected with the virus, according to OPWDD.

But this is not new.  In early August of last year we reported on the insane actions of Cuomo to force disabled New Yorkers, including the elderly, back into the homes for the disabled, if they had COVID.  The result was a bloodbath:

EXCLUSIVE: Killer Cuomo Not Only Murdered Thousands of Elderly In Homes, He Also Targeted Adult Care Facilities and Group Homes for People with Disabilities

The news has been out for months about Cuomo’s insane policies in New York when addressing COVID.  Finally, someone is listening.

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