New Yorkers and San Franciscans Leaving in Droves

With apologies to John Kander and Fred Erb, the composer and lyricist respectively of Sinatra’s classic, New York, New York. It is time to update that tune:

Start spreading the news, they’re leaving en masse
Don’t want to live in it: New York, New York
This U Haul Truck rental, is pricey as hell
But it will get me out of it: New York, New York

I want to wake up in a city without a mask,

Go out on the town and not have to ask.

The big city blues, are melting away

I’ll make a brand new start, away from New York

Can’t stand the crime and fear, I want anywhere but here

Good bye to you, New York, New York

Yes kids, the Big Apple is rotten to the core and folks are abandoning it–at least those with the case to bail out. But this phenomenon is not confined to New York City, which has been brutalized by the inept, murderous rule of Governor Cuomo Bin Lyin and Mayor Bill “the Commie” DeBlasio. Other major cities, such as San Francisco, are also seeing residents flee liked panicked passengers on the Titanic frantic to grab the nearest lifeboat.

San Francisco saw an exodus of residents during the coronavirus pandemic, with the net number of exits increasing 649% in 2020, according to a new report published by the California Policy Lab. . . . Cori Sarno Villacres talks on Oct. 21, 2020, about how she and her family didn’t feel comfortable or safe in California — even feeling bullied for their political preferences. They left their life in Sacramento last April to start anew in Idaho.

And where are people going? While some stay in state but abandon the once majestic cities now turned into genuine shit-holes, many are leaving the blue states and head for red pastures–Idaho, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

And boy, are they flocking to Florida. One of my dear friends, a local realtor, is celebrating halcyon days–properties are being sold within hours of being listed and often with a bidding war to boot. Owners cashing out with a new place already in hand are rolling in dough.

You can monitor this phenomena for yourself by going to Look at the cost of renting a van to go from San Francisco, California to Sarasota, Florida:

Moving a 1 Bedroom home to a 2 Bedroom apartment will cost you $4,295.00.

But look at the cost of going from Sarasota to San Francisco:

Moving a 1 Bedroom home to a 2 Bedroom apartment will cost you $1,595.00

Why does it cost almost $3000 more to go east rather than west? Supply and demand. There are so many folks bailing out of San Francisco and so few leaving Florida that U-Haul’s pricing structure rewards those stupid enough to move to California. I have been told that U-Haul is even hiring drivers to take empty trucks back to California. Not enough lifeboats for fleeing passengers.

The numbers are similar for New York City to Sarasota and vice versa:

New York to Sarasota (I’m using April 1 as moving date for all calculations) $3,038.00

Sarasota to New York (1 Bedroom home to a 2 Bedroom apartment ) $675.00

The ramifications of this massive population relocation will be significant. Here are a few:

Loss of tax revenue for New York and California

More tax revenue for Florida and Texas

Loss of Congressional seats for New York and California

More Congressional seats for Florida and Texas

Then there are the political unknowns. Will the arrival of northerners from deep blue cities be accompanied by the same stupid political crap that ruined New York City and San Francisco. Possible but I doubt it.

What I am seeing in Florida reminds me of the flood of migrants from the former Soviet Union and Eastern bloc states when they were under the Communist thumb. Those migrants wanted to eschew the politics that were practiced in their former authoritarian homes. I took a pistol class with a couple recently arrived from San Francisco. I asked the demur 70 year old Grandmother why she and her husband left San Francisco. He reply was swift and succinct (and I’m quoting verbatim): “IT’S A SHIT-HOLE.

She went on to comment that she and her husband were taking the pistol class before purchasing a firearm to defend their new home. She loved the freedom of Florida.

Bad politics and bad policies have consequences. People in the United States still have the freedom of movement and are voting now with their feet. America is being realigned and I suspect the Democrat failure in the major cities will become more evident, not less. And the success of sane leaders like Ron DeSantis will remind voters why it is vital to cast a ballot for someone dedicated to upholding the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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