After Having Held ZERO Press Conferences Since Taking Office, Biden Shuffles Away and Ignores Questions About When He will Hold a Presser (VIDEO)

Joe Biden mumbled through a prepared COVID speech on Wednesday from the White House.

Only 1,049 people watched his speech live on the White House Channel.

After Joe Biden’s low-energy speech he shuffled away as reporters shouted questions.

After having held zero press conferences since taking office, Joe Biden fled the podium and ignored questions about when he will hold a press conference.

Biden talked about Covid vaccines but he ignored questions about when he will hold a press conference.


Last week White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Joe Biden will hold a full press conference by the end of the month.

It has been 50 days since Joe Biden was sworn into office after stealing the 2020 election and he still hasn’t held a press conference or given a State of the Union Address and the media thinks this is totally normal.

Joe Biden can hardly string a sentence together because of his severe cognitive decline, but the media keeps covering for him.

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