Former Mechanic Creates Entirely New Social Media Platforms After His Wife Was Banned From Facebook for Supporting Trump

A former celebrity mechanic has launched an entire suite of new social media platforms after his wife was banned from Facebook for supporting Donald Trump.

Founder and CEO Dave Lipsky didn’t just complain when his wife Kacey was censored — he created alternatives to Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, GoFundMe, and more.

Originally his wife wanted to sue Facebook over the ban.

“After being banned, my wife actually wanted to hire a law firm and start a class action lawsuit against Facebook. She was emotional and took the banning personally,” Lipsky told the Gateway Pundit. “It was as if she was violated. It was then that she turned to me and said we need to do something about this. I am not one for failure and letting my wife and family down was not an option.

When asked why they did not join one of the existing alternative media platforms, Lipsky explained that they believe even conservative platforms are shadowbanning people — so to really speak freely, he decided they would have to create something entirely new.

“We decided to create a new platform as opposed to joining an existing one because even the more conservative leaning existing platforms shadow ban. Some of the things I was trying to post didn’t show up for days or weeks. It was then that I knew something was wrong and I needed to start my own product if I wanted to truly express how I felt online. These platforms also capture and sell your personal information which is something I am completely opposed to doing.”

His suite of sites, under Freedom Media Group, includes Our Freedom Book, Our Freedom Tube, Our Freedom Funding, Ourfreedom Bits, an Ourfreedom search engine, and Ourfreedom Debates. He says that these companies allow for individuals to share content without the fear of being taken down for arbitrary reasons.

“I am creating outlets to cancel ‘cancel culture,’ whether it is an alternative to Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, or a crowdfunding platform, we have built our own sites as ways to not have to be indebted to using any of the above,” says Lipsky. “Many people call me ‘the David’ to the big tech goliaths. I’ve even been told to stop promoting my sites because I may get backlash. I don’t care though. I need to do what is right and support First Amendment rights for the next generation and so that we can truly be free.”

His main project, Our Freedom Book, is Lipsky’s version of Facebook that is pro-free speech and does not sell your information.

“Unlike Facebook, ads are also limited on the site as its mission is to get members to connect with each other on issues they care about . Our Freedom Book is trying to change the world by giving everyone a platform to have their voice heard and where everyone can make a difference,” the company said in a press release.

The loving husband says that he views First Amendment Rights as an imperative part of our freedoms and that he wants to “conserve and preserve culture, not cancel culture.”

Lipsky says that they currently have over 150K people on their site and are growing at an incredible rate.


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