“The Entity Itself Has Become Poisoned” – Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell in 2018 Called for Shutting Down the FBI – Director Wray’s Testimony Yesterday Proves Farrell Was Right

The DOJ and FBI are corrupted – under Biden they will only get worse.

Judicial Watch’s Chief Investigator Chris Farrell in 2018 pointed out that the FBI should be closed down and a new investigative branch of the US Marshalls should replace it.  His thought was that the FBI was too corrupt and needed to be shut down.  Farrell shared: “The entity itself has become poisoned”:

Judicial Watch Chief Investigator Chris Farrell: Shut Down the FBI – Clean Out the Headquarters (VIDEO)

A year ago, Joe DiGenova noted the FBI and DOJ were corrupted:

“A Fish Rots from the Head” – the FBI and DOJ Are Now Corrupted – Joe diGenova: “Where Are the Whistleblowers?”

Larry Johnson discussed this in a post a couple of weeks ago:

Can We Reform a FBI that Behaves Like a Gestapo?

Then yesterday FBI Director Christopher Wray outright lied and said that there was no evidence left-wing groups played a role in the riots on January 6th at the Capitol:

Wray Says No Evidence Antifa, Left-Wing Groups Played a Role in January 6 Capitol Riot (VIDEO)

The FBI and DOJ are corrupt.  The Biden gang will make them worse.  Chris Farrell was right.  Shut the FBI down and get rid of the corrupt actors running the once-revered institution. 

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