Biden Takes Swipe at Sarah Palin in His Prepared Remarks By Repeating Lie That She Could See Russia From Her House

Joe Biden took time during his first 23-minute address to the nation on passage of the COVID bill to take a swipe at Sarah Palin using an old lie the media used when she was the Republican VP candidate in 2008. reported:

Joe Biden held a sad party at the White House to celebrate passing the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill that has almost no money for actual Covid-19 relief. For reasons know only to him he used the occasion to take a shot at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by repeating the lie that she once said she could see Russia from her house. Perhaps the reason is because 2008 is the last time his mind was sound so he only remembers things from 13 years ago.

Biden shared:

“I remember being given the dubious distinction of having to implement the Recovery Act, back in (pauses), when we came into office,” said Biden.

Hey, look at that. He doesn’t remember when he first became vice president. Now here’s his lie:

“I spent literally four, five hours a day day for six months. I talked to ’em over a hundred and sixty mayors, probably more than two or three times. Every governor save one who was looking at from Alaska to Russia,” said Biden.

See below at the 23:45 minute mark:

Sarah Palin told the liberal media that it is possible to see Russia from the outer Alaskan Islands. The media then used this to smear the popular governor. And now Joe Biden is pretending Sarah Palin herself was looking at Russia from Alaska — something she never said.

And this nasty swipe was written into his prepared remarks because Joe Biden does not have the mental capacity to come up with this snarky lie by himself.

The lie that Biden was referring to was instigated in a skit at far-left Saturday Night Live in 2008:

The media hated Sarah Palin because she was beautiful and conservative.  Biden and Obama are the biggest reasons this country is divided.

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