Ammon Bundy Arrested After Refusing to Wear a Mask Into Courthouse and Not Being Allowed Into His Own Trial (VIDEO)

Ammon Bundy was arrested on Monday after refusing to wear a mask into an Idaho courthouse and thus being denied entry into his own trial.

Bundy is perhaps most infamous for the 2014 armed confrontation between supporters of his father, cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, and law enforcement over a land dispute. He also made headlines in 2016 for the standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge.

Bundy was due in court over misdemeanor trespassing and resisting arrest charges stemming from an August protest at the Idaho Statehouse.

“In August, Bundy and two others refused to leave the statehouse after a hearing was switched to another part of the building. When Bundy refused to get up from his swivel chair, state police rolled him out,” according to a report from NBC News.

“Mr. Bundy today refused to wear a mask to come into the courthouse and thus was not granted admission,” Steven Hippler, administrative judge for the Fourth Judicial District, told NBC News.

When Bundy failed to enter the Ada County Courthouse, Magistrate Judge David Manweile issued a warrant for his arrest.

As of Monday afternoon, Bundy was being held in lieu of $10,000 bail. NBC News reports that “if or when Bundy makes bail, a condition of the bond will be a requirement that he follow courthouse rules, including face coverings, said Hippler.”

Last fall, Bundy refused to wear a mask to his son’s high school football game, prompting officials to end it at half time.


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