SMART MOVE: VP Mike Pence Declines Offer to Speak at This Year’s CPAC

VP Mike Pence, who gave up on any aspirations of running for President on January 6th, has reportedly declined an invitation to attend this year’s CPAC in Florida.

Disclose TV reports that VP Mike Pence has reportedly turned down an opportunity to speak at this year’s CPAC in Florida:

This could be because President Trump will be there and he is afraid of the President after stabbing him in the back on January 6th.  It also might be because hundreds of American patriots will be there and he is afraid of them after stabbing them in the back on January 6th.  It could be both.

On January 6th Pence had the opportunity to be a hero or a traitor:

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Unfortunately, he betrayed the President and America:

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Pence and the Republican leadership in Washington DC decided not to send President Trump off on January 20th after the election was stolen from him in November.  They went to Joe Biden’s lifeless and cold inauguration instead.

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They were a few of the few that attended the Biden Inauguration:

Pence is a boring speaker so the good news is those attending the function won’t have to sleep through his speech this year.

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