Maricopa County Audits Are Proving to Be a Waste of Time and Money, They Were Never Created to Identify the Suspected Election Fraud in the County

Maricopa County Arizona hired two firms to come in and audit their 2020 election votes.  These firms will never uncover the suspected fraud in the County in the 2020 election and the Board of Supervisors who hired the auditors and wasted County resources likely knew it.

USA Today came out with a report about the audits recently performed in Maricopa County Arizona.  The report notes:

The county hired outside auditors to tryto show the county’s election was fair, but many who have doubts about its integrity are calling the effort a charade, even before the findings are announced.

“The two audits they have are a joke,” state Sen. Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, said Feb. 8 on the Senate floor. “They aren’t meant to find fraud, even if there is fraud.”

Senate Republicans want to do their own audit, including a hand count of about 26% of mail-in ballots — something that the county’s new audit does not do.

The USA Today shares Arizona Republic reporting that ‘election consultants’ said that the audits by these firms are more thorough than prior audits.  This may be the case, but not by much.  The USA reports that previously Arizona performed the following ‘audit’:

The county followed a rigorous auditing process after the 2020 general election, much of which is required under state law. That includes:

  • County officials reviewed and released statistics about the ballots cast and counted, such as the number of overvotes and the number of ballots that weren’t counted because they were postmarked late. No irregularities were found there, compared with prior elections.
  • The county conducted a postelection logic and accuracy test on voting machines, as state law requires. That test verified that the machines counted votes properly.
  • And it did a hand count of ballots. State law requires bipartisan teams to review a statistically significant number of ballots, checking how voters marked ballots with the way the machine reads the votes. If problems are found, it triggers a larger count. The hand count in each county must include ballots from at least 2% of vote centers or precincts, and 5,000 mail-in ballots or 1% of mail-in ballots, whichever is less.

Maricopa County’s general election hand count looked at 8,082 ballots, as required. The party-appointed reviewers found that the machines counted the votes on these ballots with 100% accuracy.

The first audit basically ‘reviewed’ results (whatever that means), looked at voting machines to determine they can count ballots, and recounted a sample of ballots.  Nowhere does it mention that the state performed a forensic review of all the ballots in Maricopa County to determine that only valid ballots were included in the state’s final results.

The USA Today then shares that since no irregularities were found, these new audits were basically a waste of resources and that the best way to perform another audit would be a hand recount.  Of course, both of these comments are incorrect.  The prior audit was basically an exercise to confirm the certified results on a sampled basis.  The audit included no forensic activities that would determine if absentee ballots included in the election results in the county were invalid in any way.  Of course, a recount would also not identify these fraudulent ballots as well.

This is why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors selected the two auditors to confirm their 2020 reporting while performing audits which will never identify invalid ballots counted in the 2020 election.  The Board claimed that they selected these firms because they were certified but as we reported this turned out to not be the case:

USA Today next reports:

Here is what the county-hired auditors did in the two weeks they spent in Phoenix earlier this month:

  • Pro V&V performed another logic and accuracy test on the tabulation machines to see that the “system correctly captures, stores, consolidates, and reports the specific ballot selections, and absence of selections, for each ballot position.”
  • Both firms checked to see if the county is using certified hardware and software.
  • The firms examined what’s called “hash values” — the code that dictates how the machine functions — to see if they were the same as when the machines were certified. If the hash code is different, that may indicate tampering.
  • The auditors also checked that hackers didn’t install any software or hardware onto the machines by running malware tests and opening up the machines. They also conducted a network analysis to “ensure the network is a ‘closed network’ and can’t reach the internet.”
  • The auditors examined all nine of the large tabulators that count ballots at the election center, a random selection of 20% of the county’s precinct-based tabulators and a random selection of 40% of the county’s adjudication stations.

The USA Today went on the share that these two audits will cost the County $56,815 and then some because these two outfits will also review the procurement process which included the selection of Dominion Voting machines in the county.  What an absolute waste of taxpayer money.

The USA Today goes on to report that the machine audits are valuable and that an expert says hand recounts are better.  Again, both of these assessments are wrong.  The best audit of the results of the 2020 election is to perform an audit of the ballots included in the 2020 election and determine that they were valid.

Senator Fann, a leader in the Arizona Senate, agrees that an audit of the ballots is due:

Fann said one main component that seems to be missing is a review of actual 2020 ballots, as the Senate wants to pursue. She said this would allow them to see, among other things, whether any ballots were filled out by computers, why there were certain spikes for certain candidates in certain areas, whether there were any false ballots cast.

The Senate has requested access to ballots and machines through a subpoena which the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is refusing to comply with.  The same group is currently breaking the law by not handing over the ballots to the County Treasurer per Arizona state law:

It’s pretty clear that those in charge do not want an audit to be performed of the ballots in Maricopa County.  They are doing everything they can, like leadership in other states, to prevent real auditors to forensically review the ballots counted in the 2020 Presidential election.  Only individuals with something to hide would do this.

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