Fact-Checking the Phony Fact-Checkers: The Gateway Pundit’s Explosive Michigan, TCF Center Reporting ABSOLUTELY Shows Voter Fraud

On Friday The Gateway Pundit released newly discovered and explosive video from the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan on election night November 4th.  The video shows vehicles making late night ballot deliveries after the 8 PM deadline in the state.

Exclusive: The TCF Center Election Fraud – Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal Ballots 8 Hours After Deadline

Two outlets performed so-called “Fact Checks” of the Gateway Pundit video exclusive which shows the van performing the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump in Detroit on election night. According to The Detroit Free Press, Politifact, and Deadline Detroit (the “Three Stooges”) the videos we released on Friday do not show fraud.

Their flawed reasoning:

Even though the ballots are nearly eight (8) hours past the lawful election deadline, they *might* have been collected at 7:59PM. And since City of Detroit official Chris Thomas signed an affidavit stating as much, then suggestions of fraud are “false.”

But there’s no evidence there was a proper chain of custody on the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump.  The stooges also refuse to consider several other eyewitness accounts showing these were highly suspicious and likely illegal ballots. And those eyewitnesses to voter fraud outnumber, and have better credibility, than Detroit Official Chris Thomas.

The media “fact checks” are carefully crafted hit-pieces used to discredit, and ultimately silence, the Gateway Pundit; and provide a basis for others to attack as well.  Yesterday, Twitter permanently banned Gateway Pundit Publisher Jim Hoft likely because of these videos.  Other entities like NewsGuard, Sleeping Giants, and others, use “fact check” propaganda like this to lobby the GP’s advertisers to abandon the Gateway Pundit.  This is how totalitarians operate: crushing dissenting truth-tellers.  This is how the ruling oligarchy in this country operates: Exposing the truth is a crime and must be punished. 

But was the Gateway Pundit wrong in its claims or reporting


The Pundit was completely accurate. And Clara Hendrickson of the Free Press, as well as the authors of the cowardly unsigned article at Deadline Detroit, which relied solely on the Hendrickson/Free Press for its reporting, should be ashamed of themselves for such journalistic malpractice. Hendrickson’s reporting was copied and pasted into the Politifact fact check that was similarly wrong and relied entirely on Chris Thomas’ affidavit.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on 2020 election fraud. Its TCF video and story showcases the uncovered evidence, documented and discussed in those stories. But the media when “fact-checking,” like to narrowly focus on one item and purposefully ignore the necessary context to properly consider whether or not the reporting is accurate.

The claim is rated “false” by left-wing reporters because Hendrickson takes all nuance and context away from the story, and sloppily patches two simple facts together: (1) we don’t know when the ballots showing up at 3:30AM were actually received by the City of Detroit; and (2) City of Detroit official Chris Thomas says nothing was wrong.

Detroit City Official Chris Thomas is lying in his Affidavit, here’s how we know:

  • Thomas claims there were only 45 boxes delivered, when the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump had 61 as observed by multiple witnesses and evident in the security camera footage. In the video you can observe and count 61 boxes, exactly as our witnesses described the week after the election!
  • Most explosively, we now know there was not just one, but TWO Biden Ballot Dumps by the City of Detroit “Vote Mobile” arriving at 3:30AM and 4:30AM. These ballots were extremely suspicious, were all for Biden, and took Trump’s commanding lead in Michigan to a significant defeat.
  • City of Detroit whistleblowers have come forward to say the City was pushing every ballot possible through and counting those ballots, regardless of whether they were valid or not, ignoring state law.
  • Thomas claims the process was legitimate and secured throughout, and we now know that the process was flawed at almost every step, and that there was no secure chain of custody.

Chris Thomas has the most serious and obvious motive to lie: he’s Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey’s assistant. None of the whistleblowers have the motive to lie, many of whom are very scared of career, economic and physical threats.

But Hendrickson and others use Thomas’ affidavit to completely ignore any of these important witnesses. And she barely acknowledges at all that other witnesses and other evidence corroborates their statements.

Here’s the basic logic that Hendrickson lacks and the journalistic curiosity she never developed:

TCF election witness Jose Aliaga has repeatedly said that the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump was almost all absentee ballots from what he observed.

Aliaga noted that all the ballots were done in exclusively black ink, whereas earlier in the day they were in both blue and black ink. 

All the ballots, Aliaga says, were for Joe Biden and Democrat Senate incumbent Gary Peters

All the ballots were ‘undervoting’ the rest of the ballot, meaning they inexplicably left every other race blank.

And Aliaga said he felt the ballot selection boxes were filled in almost perfectly, whereas normal ballots had a more unpredictable look. 

QR Code inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has said perfectly-filled boxes is a major indication of fraud.

Absentees, as multiple TCF witnesses have said, were counted first on election day the day prior, not last as these ballots were counted. This means that this huge influx of absentees were way out of place, since they should have been the first and not last counted. 

As well, courageous City of Detroit whistleblower Jessy Jacob came forward, by affidavit and by testimony, to say that the Detroit Zuckerberg ballot boxes were checked and cleared every single hour and then were supposed to be locked promptly at 8:00PM. Meaning there should *not* have been 15,000, 150,000, or more absentee ballots left remaining to be checked until 3:30AM.

The ballot deadline was 8:00PM as set by state law, and reiterated through court cases. The Democrats wanted to count every ballot no matter when it arrived, even if days later, and that was their position in court. But the court said that no ballot received after 8:00PM could be accepted as valid, this is why that time is so important.

Another credible City of Detroit whistleblower, afraid for repercussions and so not quoted on the record, has come forward to exclusively tell the Gateway Pundit that they personally witnessed people in Detroit stuffing the Zuckerberg boxes after the legal 8:00PM deadline and that the boxes were NOT locked as the City of Detroit has maintained in legal filings. 

Hendrickson does not bother her readers with the relevant context that the courts had said, over Democrat objections, that late-arriving ballots after the 8:00PM deadline could not be counted. Thus there is a very strong incentive to claim that all ballots were received prior to the deadline, and we know that the preference of the clerks was to count and accept late ballots.

Jessy Jacob also said that virtually no controls were in place checking ballots for legal accuracy, primarily signature verification or checking addresses. She has maintained that they were told to push all the ballots through and not reject any. Indeed, the ‘rejection rate’ for ballots was at a record low, seeming to corroborate the substance of Jacob’s allegations.

Jacob says she was also told to backdate applications so that they would appear to have arrived earlier than the deadline for ballots.

In the affidavit that every fact check is relying upon, the one from Chris Thomas, who is the assistant to Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey, he says there was one delivery of 45 boxes, including 16,000 ballots, early in the morning. Even though the video shows 61 boxes for the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Drop. He is admitting that because the Pundit reported the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump within a week of it happening, and documented it by publishing video testimonials from other similar witnesses.

The problem for Thomas, Clara Hendrickson, and for the City of Detroit is that we now know they’re all lying, or they are part of the voter fraud cover-up.

Chris Thomas is certainly lying and should be prosecuted for perjury. 

We found that there were more than 45 boxes in that delivery as Thomas has claimed. Eyewitnesses say the number was over 50 and many say they counted exactly 61. In the video, we count 61 boxes.  This completely corroborates multiple eyewitness accounts. 

But we also found more ballot dumps that we didn’t previously know about

We know this because the Gateway Pundit spent nearly ten thousand dollars ($10,000) buying all the security camera footage from 3:00-5:00AM and found the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump on camera and examined (and still is examining) more than 1,200 hours of video. There wasn’t just one, there were apparently two early morning ballot dumps by the same white City of Detroit van ironically labeled the “Vote Mobile” by its signage entering at 3:23AM, leaving at 3:53AM. And then the SECOND ballot dump was at 4:32AM, where the van leaves at 4:58AM according to the timestamp on the TCF Security Cameras.

The TCF Center loading dock that they came into at 3:30AM had the door open, so people like reporter Shane Trejo and others could see what was happening and ran to report it to the Michigan Republican Party attorneys who were on site. But the door was closed at the other times, so the witnesses did not see them. Chris Thomas only admitted to the one ballot dump that we knew about, apparently never expecting anyone to check the video footage.

The Pundit was the first to report on the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump because we talked to NUMEROUS actual witnesses who described their anger and shock at witnessing voter fraud in front of their eyes.

The mainstream media avoids having to admit there are eyewitnesses to the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump, because then readers would want to hear from those witnesses and determine their credibility. And those witnesses have largely said the exact same thing for months, people who did not know one another prior, who describe the same people, time, details, and specific details of the suspicious ballots. And with their statements on video, you can determine their credibility for yourself.

What’s also interesting is that this tactic of suspicious late-night ballot dumps of supposed absentees used to flip an election where the preferred candidate was behind in election day votes is well-known, so well-known in fact that in Janice Winfrey’s last Democrat primary election she used it against now-Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist. Gilchrist called the 2016 election process administered by Winfrey “a complete catastrophe.” 



We were even concerned that perhaps reporter Shane Trejo and Jose Aliaga saw a different van, or perhaps different people coming out of the van, so we went back to them and asked them the same questions and showed them still pictures and video from the TCF security cameras, and both told the exact same stories they told in November and both said this was the 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump they remember. Both of them feel completely confident that what they witnessed was the great steal that took Michigan away from Trump, and ultimately the systemic voter fraud that the mainstream media refuses to investigate and illogically (and maliciously) claims does not exist.

By declaring the Pundit’s coverage false these outlets take the question of whether the ballots were legal, an unknown, and declare it safe with no evidence to support that position other than a self-interested statement from one official. 

There’s no credible chain of custody on those ballots presented anywhere. The witnesses who saw and ultimately counted those ballots expressed concern about their legitimacy and complained to officials on-site. They knew something was wrong with this late-night ballot delivery and wanted someone to credibly investigate. Now, reporters like Hendrickson are declaring everything false, but the depth of their reporting is to solely rely on one affidavit, talk to no one, and ignore the LEGIONS of witnesses. 

Statements by self-interested government officials should be viewed with extreme skepticism. This is especially important when the alternative is an admission of voter fraud. With whistleblowers like Jessy Jacob risking their careers to tell the truth, they should be given at least a fair review and not arrogantly dismissed out of hand.  Instead, The Stooge “fact checkers” serve as the rubber stamp propagandists for Detroit – one of the most corrupt and mismanaged cities in the Western Hemisphere.  Say the Stooges to an doubting public: “nothing to see here, move along.”

The Thomas affidavit comes from the court hearing held before Wayne County Judge Tim Kenny, who weighed the various affidavits submitted and said that he found the Wayne County ones “more credible.” 

Judge Kenny did not have a hearing, hear testimony, and take evidence. He merely disposed of the case based on the documents provided to him. He did such poor legal work, that the Michigan Supreme Court reprimanded him in this case and ordered him to have a real, substantive, hearing. None of the primary reporting that uses the hearing to dismiss witnesses, including Hendrickson’s, provides this important, relevant, and necessary context. 

…the trial court should meaningfully assess plaintiffs’ allegations by an evidentiary hearing, particularly with respect to the credibility of the competing affiants, as well as resolve necessary legal issues… 

Judge Kenny has never held that substantive hearing.

These reporting oversights and mistakes are not minor or insignificant, and they are not facts that a reporter seeking to ‘debunk’ a story of this magnitude should do with one affidavit and one assumption that all government officials are ethical and honest. With so little context offered by Hendrickson, almost her entire article is lacking important context by virtue of the lazy work she provided.  

Let’s examine how bad Clara Hendrickson is at journalism.  Her article ‘debunking’ the Pundit was completely unbalanced and without context. She completely ignored the important testimonies of reporter Shane Trejo, Jose Aliaga, and Jessy Jacob. She never bothered emailing or calling these important witnesses. She didn’t bother reaching out to any author of these articles from the Pundit.  And she engaged in premature conclusions and wrongly assuming bad faith on behalf of the Pundit, ultimately defaming the Pundit for reporting accurately. 

Her piece is so superficial and misleading.  She provides her readers with no context or meaningful examination of the evidence.  She pontificates that the Pundit article is false by nitpicking what should otherwise be obvious: ballots eight (8) hours legally late are presumptively suspicious! 

And in what should be considered the cardinal sin of these presumptuous, arrogant mainstream media fact-checkers –  who don’t even deign to call reporters, publishers, witnesses or even to bring new facts to the situation – she declares something ‘false’ which is, using only the facts she cherry-picks, at best ambiguous. There is no way to know whether those ballots were legal unless she called as a journalist and found a valid, credible, chain of custody on those ballots. Instead, she relies on an affidavit from a source obviously motivated to lie: Chris Thomas from the City of Detroit.  She ignored all of the evidence, documentation and actual journalism performed by the Gateway Pundit.

When the entire weight of social media, big tech, multinational corporations, among others, are punishing, threatening, deplatforming those who dare to discuss FACTS and WITNESSES to the official narrative, you would think Clara Hendrickson would do more than rely on one affidavit from someone as compromised as Chris Thomas and summarily dismiss everyone else. But you’d be wrong, because that’s sufficient for her to label it all ‘false’ and tell readers to simply move on.

Clara Hendrickson is smarter than her story. Her strategy was to frame the story for people whose confirmation bias would allow them to write-off the obvious missing context in her story. 

We rate her fact check as: journalistic malpractice, and complete disgrace to the field of journalism.

We exposed the fraud at the TCF Center.  These suspicious illicit ballots should NEVER have been allowed into the center and counted for Joe Biden for a number of legal reasons!

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