Dr. Shiva, Jovan Pulitzer and Others Join World View Weekend and Discuss Steps Going Forward to Uncover the Accurate Results of the 2020 Election

Last night Brannon Howse invited American patriots on his show to discuss the 2020 election and the evidence of what happened and how we can determine the extent of the 2020 election fraud.

In an excellent production last night, Brannon Howse interviewed a number of individuals regarding the 2020 election and what happened to steal the election from President Trump.  Mike Lindell and Mary Fanning joined Dr. Shiva and Jovan Pulitzer in discussing the issues with the 2020 election and the suggested remedies.

This production provided a plethora of evidence on what happened during the 2020 election.  China and domestic enemies of the Constitution combined forces to steal the 2020 election away from President Trump.  It was an attack on the USA.

Mike Lindell spoke first about the 2020 election and how it was a miracle that President Trump won by so much.  This forced the bad players in the election to edit their plans and add millions of more fraudulent ballots to the election results to aid in Joe Biden’s win.  At the 27 minute mark Dr. Shiva begins his presentation and describes the 2020 primary election in Massachusetts and how he uncovered the ‘weighted race feature’ which allows algorithms in voting machines to alter election results.  Next Jovan Pulitzer discussed how he has the patents and the processes to identify fraudulent ballots and determine the real winner of elections based on valid votes.  The production was very informative and is highly recommended.


Let’s hope those who can save the union listen and act upon what they can do to bring truth to the American people about the real winner of the 2020 election.  Americans are so tired of being lied to.

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Joe Hoft is a Radio Host at TNTRadio.live, Author, Former International Corporate Executive in Hong Kong for a Decade, and a Contributor at TGP since 2016. Joe is the author of five books, including his new bestseller, "The Steal: Volume II - The Impossible Occurs" which addresses the stolen 2020 Election and provides an inventory of issues that prove that the 2020 Election was uncertifiable and never should have been certified for Joe Biden.

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