Capitol Police Officers Issue Vote of No Confidence in Acting Chief and Leadership

Members of the US Capitol Police have issued a vote of no confidence in their acting chief and other top leadership.

The rank and file officers passed votes of no confidence in acting Chief Yoganada Pittman, two assistant chiefs, three deputy chiefs and a captain in the Capitol building division.

The vote began on Thursday afternoon and continued for 24 hours, so that three shifts of officers could vote during work. Only officers represented by the rank and file union were permitted to vote.

The chief issued a statement claiming that there has been “progress” since the Capitol takeover on January 6, in which officers were not prepared at all for a large demonstration.

“It’s been just over one month since one of our nation’s darkest days, and the trauma is still incredibly raw and difficult for the many officers who fought heroically on the 6th,” Chief Pittman said in a statement obtained by CNN. “Since being sworn in on January 8th, my executive team and I have made the well-being of our officers our top priority. While progress has been made, more work remains. And I am committed to ensuring every officer gets what they need and deserve.”

Capitol Police officers told CNN that they were left vulnerable on the 6th and that they do not believe the current leadership will be able to properly manage these kinds of situations in the future.

Former Chief Steven Sund and the Sergeants-at-Arms for the US House and Senate both resigned after the January 6 protest.



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