Another Expert Review of the Pennsylvania 2020 Election Results Provides More Evidence for Suspected Election Fraud. These Ballots Must Be Forensically Reviewed.

On November 13th, less than ten days after Election Night 2020, we uncovered a pattern in the Pennsylvania results that was so surprising, it was impossible.  This pattern led to Joe Biden being awarded the state after President Trump being up on Election Night by nearly a 2 to 1 ratio:

SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: WE CAUGHT THEM! Pennsylvania Results Show a Statistically Impossible Pattern Behind Biden’s Steal! WE CAUGHT THEM!

This was the beginning of a series of reports on patterns found in the 2020 results that were basically impossible.  All the patterns ended in Joe Biden’s favor and none of them would be expected to occur in the natural world.  They were not random.

In Pennsylvania, we determined that in nearly every county, the percentage of absentee ballot votes was directly related to the percentage of election day voter results.   When President Trump won a county by 60% (80 to 20%), his absentee ballot performance would be 40% less than that with Biden winning by 60% to 40%.  When President Trump won on Election night by 20% (60 to 40%), Biden’s absentee ballot performance would equal 80% to Trump’s 20%.  In almost every county, President Trump’s performance in absentee ballots was 40% less than his performance on Election Day.

It was also reported that there were more ballots cast in Pennsylvania than there were people who voted in the state:

Pennsylvania Reported 200,000 More Ballots Cast than People Who Voted – Will The State Now Legitimately Go to the Trump Column?

Today we can report on another observation of Pennsylvania’s results.  IT Internet and data expert, JJ Gee, provided us with an analysis of the Pennsylvania results and she found a number of questionable results which are consistent with our reporting from November 13th.

On Election Night, in 29 of 67 counties, the leader margins were similar to the margins in 2016 were when the counting stopped (Statewide 79% reported). 27 of those 29 counties are the only ones that showed 100% reported and two other counties were close to being 100%.

The remaining 38 counties that did not match 2016’s margins, showed votes outstanding. After the final votes were added to these counties, all 67 counties ended with a leader margin similar to 2016’s margins.

At the 79% reported point when the counting stopped, Trump was winning 60 of 67 counties. 4 counties (Bucks, Chester, Lehigh, and Monroe) were on the verge of flipping red from 2016. No counties were on the verge of flipping blue.

After the 79% reported point when the counting stopped (Biden: 2,477,804 and Trump: 3,019,296), the remaining votes added were 1,338,803, 71% for Biden: 980,425 and 29% for Trump: 358,378. (See sum of totals below).

NO, not because it was the “blue suburbs” remaining.

These final 1,338,803 votes resulted in Biden winning 13 counties and flipping 2 counties blue (Erie and Northampton).

Bucks county added 17,344 votes between Nov. 6-20 and Biden won the county by 17,345 votes.

On Nov 4th at 8:36 pm, Philadelphia added 23,277 votes for Biden and 0 votes for Trump.

These observations are more proof of suspected election fraud in the state of Pennsylvania in the 2020 election.  The ballots in this state need to be forensically examined to determine the true results of the 2020 election.

Like so many other states.  The results of the 2020 election do not add up.  If we want free and fair elections we must demand proper and adequate audits of the ballots from the 2020 election.

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