“I want Honest Elections!” Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Releases New Video on 2020 Election

Inventor and data specialist Jovan Hutton Pulitzer says he knows people are getting worried about what’s going on with this crazy upside-down situation.  But Jovan insists, “It is not over over by a long shot.”

Jovan Pulitzer is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump.  He insisted for weeks that the only way to confirm the 2020 election is to forensically audit the ballots.

Jovan Pulitzer sent a message last night telling people to hold tight:

It is a nail biter…  It is history going on.  It is bad history going on… But it isn’t over.  It is not over by a long shot and I want to tell you because I agree with everybody.  Everybody wants an honest election.”

Pulitzer went on to share about the late night election drops and the fact that nothing was fixed the next day.  He says if the fraud would have been fixed at that time nothing would have changed:

Now here’s what I mean.  The human condition does not learn when things are good.  I’ve said this before if you’ve followed me for years.  I’ve explained this, we do learn when things are good.  And so if this was something that could be resolved fast, just boom, and resolved fast, nothing would have changed…

We now see the cheating but this would have gone on for years if it had not been so blatant and obvious.  We had to see the whole process to learn.  That is what is important here.  All of this pain all of it, will help us learn.  Pulitzer goes on:

This is the great awakening!... You are watching the plan…  If we did not go through this, you, me all these tens of millions of other people would not have appreciated what was going on, how deep it went, how many different things were involved.  65 countries, 65 countries participated in the hack of our election process.  All the way from potentially changing votes to just trying to disrupt.  65 countries.  They focused on seven states and over 600 county election places.

If this process didn’t happen the way it happened we wouldn’t know all that because nobody would dig as hard as this diggings going on.  This is what we had to do.

There is so much more.  Ultimately it comes down to verifying the vote.  These are your ballots and we have 22 months to look at them.


The American people deserve the truth.

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