IT’S NOT REAL: Recent Emails Released Showing Traitor Pence and Paul Ryan Conniving to Remove Candidate Trump in 2016 Appear to be Invalid

Emails released showing traitor Mike Pence and former Speaker Paul Ryan conniving to replace the Trump Pence ticket appear to be an influence operation well thought out some time ago.

Attorney Lin Wood released emails last night showing traitor Mike Pence secretly working with then Speaker Paul Ryan on replacing candidate Trump in 2016 at the same time Trump was debating Hillary Clinton in their second 2016 Presidential debate.  We’ve looked into these emails to determine their validity.

In early October of 2016, President Trump had won the Republican nomination for President, despite numerous attempts by Big Media and Republicans to knock him out of the race.  Then suddenly an audio of candidate Trump from 2005 was released by Billy Bush, a member of the Bush family, known as the ‘Pussy Tape’.

Big Media shared this tape non-stop and Democrats and Republicans all chastised Trump for some ‘locker room’ remarks he made years prior.

In reaction to the tape, candidate Trump invited a small sampling of women whom the Clintons  had sexually and reputationally abused, to attend the second Presidential debate on October 9, 2016.  The future President enticed Big Media to join them by sharing that he would comment on the ‘Pussy Tape’ in a presser before the debate:

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY TRUMP PUNKED THE PRESS: Told Reporters They Were Going to Pre-Debate Presser, Walked in on Clinton Rape Victims

Bill Clinton at this time was freaking out because the small sampling of women he abused was later in the audience at the debate:

Next the President went on to destroy Hillary Clinton in the debate that evening in St. Louis with the most iconic moment in debate history:

On the morning of October 10th, the day after the second Presidential debate Speaker Paul Ryan told his House Republican colleagues on a call that he would never back Trump.  ‘I Am Not Going to Defend Donald Trump—Not Now, Not in the Future’, he said.  Months later after President Trump won the election, Ryan shrugged off the comments he made about Trump.

Paul Ryan Responds to Leaked October Audio of Him Bashing Donald Trump: “That Is Ancient History” (VIDEO)

Last night some emails were released indicting Pence and Speaker Ryan were involved in an attempt to create their own campaign while the President was debating Hillary.

Lin Wood released some emails a few hours ago (see link here) showing that while the second Presidential debate was going on in 2016, then Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and candidate Trump’s running mate, traitor Mike Pence, were working behind the scenes to have candidate Trump removed from the election.  We have looked into these emails to determine their validity.

The emails

In one of the first emails released, reportedly at 7:44 pm on October 9th, 2016, Pence and Ryan are copied in on an email string showing that they are planning on removing candidate Trump from the running for President.  This is the Speaker of the House at the time and the President’s running mate, Mike Pence.  (Rule 9 regards Republican rules for what to do when a candidate is no longer in the running for an office.)

Next, just minutes before the 2nd debate started, Pence and Ryan are emailing each other about a Pence-Ryan ticket:


After a short time Pence and Ryan realize, “He’s not f*ckging up completely, Holy God, he might actually win this.”:

But they still move ahead and discuss being like Trump without Trump and throwing the Trump followers “a bone” because they think a simple lie will work to appease Trump’s supporters:

Then then realize candidate Trump is winning the debate:

Finally, late that night, Speaker Ryan orders to scrap the entire thing.  They realized candidate Trump was going to win the election:

Our conclusion – the emails appear to be a part of an advanced influence campaign.

(Update:  Note we have updated this section based on information provided by readers and we have discussed with cyber intelligence analyst Yaacov Apelbaum.)

We looked up the domain named and notedthere is information showing the site was opened in 2012, and then again in 2016:

Domain Name: PENCERYAN2016.COM WHOIS Server: URL: Has an updated Date: 2016-09-27T05:12:28Z Creation Date: 2016-09-27T05:12:27Z Expiration Date: 2017-09-27T05:12:27Z Registrar: FastDomain Inc. Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]

The site was then again updated in 2018 and it was registered in Panama.  This alone shows that there was lots of planning put into this operation.

In addition to questions about the domain, the emails above used first and last names and Speaker Ryan’s email even included the Speaker’s logo which you wouldn’t typically see when using proton mail.  One of the last emails was to self, which you wouldn’t typically see either.

Also, the fact that the participants used an email at all is questionable.  Typically in a operation like this one the participants would use phones that could be easily discarded.  Finally, the wording in the emails was not typical to an operation like this and includes inflammatory language than would not be expected.

Because of this we don’t believe these emails are legitimate.  However, we do believe that something like this would be something Pence and Ryan might consider or even do.  We know for instance that Pence was accused of creating a Pence – Rice ticket as well.

We don’t believe the emails above are from Pence and Ryan based on the few issues we identified.  However, we do believe Traitor Pence and Ryan did all they could to stop President Trump from Making America Great Again.

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