Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Publishes Statement Addressing the Mob That’s Trying to ‘Take Her Out’

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a statement on Friday addressing the mob of Democrats and liberal reporter henchmen that are trying to “take her out” with a massive smear campaign.

The statement comes shortly after Marxist Democrat lawmaker Cori Bush tried to claim that Greene had harassed her in the halls — which Greene promptly shut down with a video of the incident.

In a statement published on social media and sent out to members of the media by her press team, Greene wrote that “since launching your smear campaign attacks on me, nearly 60,000 America First Patriots from all 50 states have reached out with messages of support and have poured over $1.6 million in small donations into my campaign account.”

“Every attack. Every lie. Every smear strengthens my base of support at home and across the country because people know the truth and are fed up with the lies. While big PACs and powerful corporations refuse to donate to Republicans and cave to the vicious cancel culture mob, the people have my back. The same 75 million people who voted for President Trump. Voters who will be vital to Republicans taking back the House in 2022,” the statement continued.

“Contributions of $.50 or a $100 are significant statements of support, but the heartfelt prayers and encouraging messages telling me to keep standing strong against the mob are what’s most significant to me. For me, it’s people over politicians. It’s people over big money PACs. It’s people over powerful elite corporations and the Silicon Valley Cartel who are trying to cancel all of us. I will never back down. I will never give up. Because I am one of you. And I will always represent you,” Greene continued. “I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our America First movement so that we can save our country and stop socialism. I knew this day would come, it was only a question of when.”

Greene warned that if Republicans cower to the mob, and let the Democrats and the Fake News media take her out, they’re opening the door to come after every single Republican until there’s none left. “But what’s worse is Republicans would be opening the door to let the vicious cancel culture mob take out every one of you,” she stated.

“President Trump taught us how to defend America First values. That’s why Democrats have the smallest majority in the House since WWII. I will lead the charge to be a voice for the Silent Majority. I’ll always have your back, because I know you have mine. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. More MAGA reinforcements are on the way. Let’s win BIG for Republicans in 2022! Save America. Stop Socialism. Defeat the Democrats! Let’s make America great again!”


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