INTERVIEW: Liz Cheney’s Primary Challenger Says He ‘Won’t Give Cover and Comfort to Pelosi and Radical Left’ Like She Does

Rep. Liz Cheney has a serious primary challenger after voting to impeach President Donald Trump — and he promises that unlike her, he “won’t give cover and comfort to Nancy Pelosi and the radical left.”

Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard announced earlier this month that he will be challenging Cheney in 2022, citing her positions being in stark contrast to the voters in a state that overwhelmingly backed Trump in both elections.

Bouchard grew up in a blue-collar family and went on to start Wyoming Gun Owners before becoming a state senator.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Bouchard about his race and how he got involved in politics in the first place. He said that his political involvement “started in the grassroots freedom movement versus Liz Cheney which is in the beltway deep state.”

“It’s in my nature to fight against big government,” Bouchard said. “For example, when a state corporate income tax scheme was overwhelmingly passed in the state house, I led a strong opposition, other members followed, it died in the senate. Prior to being a senator, I founded Wyoming Gun Owners, a grassroots organization that brought constitutional carry to the state of Wyoming in 2011.”

Bouchard said that as a state senator he has focused on “advancing freedom when it seemed impossible.”

“My work as a gun rights advocate and later as a Wyoming state senator has been about stopping things that supposedly couldn’t be stopped and advancing freedom when it seemed impossible. I know that I will be a better voice for Wyoming in Washington. Rolling back regulations, reducing tax burdens, economic initiatives that create jobs, building national defense while bringing the troops home, and energy independence,” Bouchard said. “These are all Trump policies that are about giving the power back to the people. I support that.”

Bouchard told TGP that he got involved with politics after Barack Obama became president, initially joining the gun rights movement. He was also concerned about Obamacare and high taxes.

“My political activism led to founding Wyoming Gun Owners and today I am a member of the state senate, serving my second term,” Bouchard said. “This also highlights several key differences between Liz Cheney and myself. While I fought Obama care, Liz Cheney refused a house floor petition to get Obama Care Repeal out of committee. The contrast is clear, she is from a political dynasty and my background is working with grassroots conservative leaders to fight for taxpayers and defend our freedom.”

The Gateway Pundit asked Bouchard why he thinks that Wyoming voters keep electing Cheney.

“Great question. Liz virtually spent her entire life in northern Virginia. It’s because of a lack of serious opposition. I will focus on the issues that are important to the people and make the case for why Anthony Bouchard and not Liz Cheney should be representing the people in the House of Representatives,” the congressional hopeful said.

When asked about what he will do differently than Cheney, Bouchard did not hold back.

“First off, I won’t give cover and comfort to Nancy Pelosi and the radical left like Liz Cheney did when she voted yes for the absurd impeachment of President Trump. Secondly, I disagree with Congresswoman Cheney for her votes in support of failed globalist nation-building and endless foreign wars. I support the Trump foreign policy of peace through strength and bringing countries together,” Bouchard explained. “And finally, I am a strong free-market conservative who believes the federal government needs to get out of the way and let American companies and workers succeed.”

People interested in supporting or learning more about Bouchard can visit his campaign website here.

“Visit my website, sign up for our updates, make a contribution, and spread the word to everyone you know both in and outside Wyoming, that Liz Cheney is going to be replaced by a strong pro-American conservative who will put taxpayers first,” Bouchard said.


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