Facebook Colludes With Politifact To Tag Gateway Pundit COVID/WHO Press Release As False; Twitter then Removes Source Post

A Gateway Pundit article has now been flagged by the big tech and far left conspirators of Politifact as “false” despite their “fact check” article confirming some of the information.

The original article, posted on Wednesday, was in regards to the World Health Organization sending out a memo warning about the high rate of false positives from the Covid tests, which led to inflated numbers of supposed Covid cases, which, of course, was all Orange Man’s fault because Orange Man Bad. Miraculously, though, just as Biden is taking over, the WHO comes out and lets everyone know.

To further scrub the existence of the memo from public knowledge, Twitter has removed the original source tweet from Andy Swan, which included the actual screen shot from the WHO webpage:

Ironically enough, the Politifact article makes some inadvertent concessions which seemingly support the notion that countless false positives were occurring:

The article links to a tweet by user Andy Swan, which in turn references a Jan. 20 notice that the WHO released to lab technicians.

Did the WHO really make such an admission? No. This article was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)

The notice cautions lab technicians that positive results should be interpreted with care and in the context of other information, such as clinical observation and patient history, to reduce the risk of false positives.

The notice — dated Jan. 13 and published on the site Jan. 20, according to the timestamp on it — is written in highly technical language. But five virologists, most of whom work in COVID-19 testing labs, told us that the gist of it was to remind lab technicians to carefully read the user manuals that come with PCR tests, the most widely used diagnostic tests for the coronavirus.

“This is not new information. This is essentially a reminder from the WHO to testing laboratories,” said Jonathan Jarry, a science communicator with the McGill University Office for Science and Society. “This notice is not an admission that the PCR test for COVID-19 does not work or is wildly inaccurate.”

Here’s the link to the actual article on the WHO webpage, which they apparently knew about for a week before posting, which, by *SHEER COINCIDENCE*, didn’t appear until just after Biden was sworn in.

Now why do you suppose the WHO would put out such an advisory? They wouldn’t be doing so if there weren’t a large number of false positives.

The author of the Politifact hit piece is Noah Y. Kim, who appears to be a far left apologist, and has targeted most of his “fact checking” toward conservatives while seemingly giving a free pass to the misinformation and false news that comes from the left. Kim claims to be a former editor at crazed leftist site The Atlantic, but his bio on that website only shows two stories to his credit. One of his more well known articles was for the Boston Globe, in which he chided hypocritical white liberals who are hesitant to welcome black families into the suburbs. That article was picked by several other outlets, including MSN.


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