Dominion Files $1.3 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against Sidney Powell.. Considering Suing President Trump

Dominion Voting has filed a $1.3 billion lawsuit against pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell, who has been fighting tooth and nail against election fraud.

A lawyer for the company also said that they are “still weighing whether to sue Trump.”

The lawsuit says that President Trump used his Twitter account to share videos of Powell “to his more than 88 million followers, instantly and irreparably damaging Dominion’s reputation and business to a global audience and putting the lives of Dominion employees in danger.”

Powell has been working to try and prove that Dominion falsified results in the 2020 presidential election. She has filed four federal lawsuits regarding the stolen election.

The 124-page defamation lawsuit, filed in Federal Court in DC on Friday, also has nearly 2,000 pages of exhibits.

“The voting-technology company said it arrived at the $1.3 billion figure by adding up the value of the contracts at risk because of the disinformation, punitive damages from her claim, and the recouping of the cost of litigation against her,” Business Insider reports.

A lawyer for Dominion held a press conference on Friday claiming that claims that the allegations against them are “false.”

“These false allegations have caused catastrophic damage to this company. They have branded Dominion, a voting company, as perpetrating a massive fraud,” Tom Clare, the attorney representing Dominion, said in a press conference over Zoom. “Those allegations triggered a media firestorm that promoted those same false claims to a global audience. They’ve made the company radioactive and destroyed the value of its once thriving business and has put Dominion’s multiyear contracts in jeopardy.”

Smartmatic has also said that they will be filing lawsuits against people who questioned their technology and the “media outlets that gave them a platform.”

To win the lawsuit, Dominion must prove that Powell was acting in “actual malice,” and not sincere belief that they helped to rig the election against the president.


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