Bricks, Lumber and Propane Tanks Left Out on DC Streets Ahead of Wednesday’s Stop the Steal Protests (VIDEO)

Patriots gathering in DC for Wednesday’s Stop the Steal protests have been documenting large stockpiles of bricks, lumber and propane tanks sitting out in the street.

While these may be part of construction projects, it seems like an awfully sloppy oversight from a city that has shut down nearly every street downtown in anticipation of the protests.

“2x6s and propane tanks! What the f-ck are these doing on the streets of D-f-cking-C?” a Trump supporter named Tina who documented the items says in her video.

She warned Trump supporters in the city to “watch their six.”

During the Black Lives Matter riots, people frequently noted that there would be piles of bricks or other items that make great weapons casually laying around prior to the chaos. Antifa and BLM are expected to be in the city to counter protest the Stop the Steal events.


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