Biden Is Off to a Fast Start with Executive Orders But Does He know What’s In Them and Can He Explain How Any Benefit the Average American?

Does Joe Biden know what he’s doing?  Does he know where he is?  Do any of Joe Biden’s Executive Orders to date help the American people?

Yesterday Joe Biden signed a couple more Executive Orders at the White House.  He had a difficult time managing his pen, let alone describing what good the Executive Orders will do for average Americans:

Joe Biden Mumbles to Himself, Grapples with His Pen as He Sits Down to Sign Executive Orders (VIDEO)

Biden’s actions are not going unnoticed.  A report by Kelleigh Nelsen at shares the following about Joe Biden’s initial Executive Orders after entering in the White House:

Biden’s plan for his first day in office was the reversal of numerous Trump’s achievements, especially those that benefitted the American working class.

All federal work forces across the country will be required to wear masks until May 1st, 2021.  This will spread to the states unfortunately…and the Conservative Tree House has reported the ten EOs that federally weaponize Covid against us.

Expect to pay more in travel expenses.  Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, as promised. In so doing, he killed some 11,000 direct jobs that the pipeline’s construction was to have created, and an estimated 60,000 indirect jobs in secondary, related industries.

Women will have to compete against biological male athletes who are trans gendering to female.  The border wall construction is stopped.  Trump’s 1776 Commission is stopped and the 1619 project via the New York Time’s revisionist history will now continue.  Travel bans from known terrorist countries have been reversed.  We will now rejoin the communist Chinese loving World Health Organization and pay exorbitant fees to them.

He also wants non-citizens counted in the census, and protections for Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.  What protections?

We will join the sham Paris Agreement which is projected to cost 400,000 jobs, an average income loss for families of four of $20,000 and a $2.5 trillion hit to the nation’s gross domestic product.

One of the worst EOs of this Catholic president is revoking the policy that prevents federal taxpayer dollars from going to abortions abroad.

How do any of these orders help Americans?  CNN provided a longer list of 30 Biden orders over the weekend:

Much can be said about every one of these orders.  Many only reverse what President Trump did.  Others don’t help the country in any way (for example, rejoining the China-led WHO with Dr. Fauci as the Head of this delegation).  As a matter of fact, China is better off due to these orders than the US is.

Biden’s own criteria, just last October

It’s as if Joe Biden and the Democrats want to destroy America by diktat?

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