WATCH: Senator Rand Paul’s Rant Over $2.3 Trillion Government Spending and Covid Relief Package Goes Viral

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on Monday went off on lawmakers for backing a gargantuan Covid relief bill/Omnibus spending package.

Congress Monday night passed a $2.3 trillion Covid relief/Omnibus bill.

Lawmakers didn’t even read the bill before casting their votes.

The package included $1.4 trillion to fund the government and $900 billion in Coronavirus relief.

The Covid relief includes $600 per American making up to $75,000 and another round of PPP for small businesses.

Americans are only getting $600 after suffering for months due to authoritarian lockdown orders but Congress made sure to send billions of dollars overseas to foreign countries.

Senator Rand Paul along with 5 other GOP Senators voted against the spending package.

Rand Paul blasted lawmakers ahead of the vote on Monday and his rant went viral.


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