PATHETIC: Only 6 GOP Senators Voted Against Democrats’ Stimulus Bill

Chuck Schumer must be so proud of Mitch McConnell.

Despite billions of pork, only 6 GOP Senators voted against Democrats’ stimulus bill.

The vote was 92-6.

Here they are:

This COVID bill is attached to a larger $2.3 Trillion dollar government spending bill:

As Gateway Pundit reported earlier: 

Once piece from the bill not reported earlier is that Venezuela makes out in this bill as well in the amount of $33 million:

So the regime who was involved in the development of the voting machines used steal elections in their country for two decades and in the US this year are given money by the Democrats? What an outrage.

The bill is 5,500 pages long and full of money for everyone but the people the Democrats have punished for attempting to run their own businesses.

Here is more on the millions for Sudan – of course to Democrats this makes sense being in there – where the hell is all this money going to?

This was a disgrace.  The Democrats and their allies keep getting more and more outrageous, anti-American, communist and crazy.

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