WATCH: Joe Biden Slips and Refers to Kamala Harris as ‘President-Elect’… Saying ‘Quiet Part’ Out Loud’?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has once again slipped up and referred to Kamala Harris as the “President-Elect.”

Jake Schneider, Deputy Director of Rapid Response for Team Trump, noted that Biden was once again “saying the quiet part out loud.”

During a COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday, Biden asserted that “President-elect Harris” took the COVID-19 vaccine to “instill public confidence.”

Biden has said that he will “develop some disease” and resign if him and Harris have a disagreement.

“As I told Barack, if I come to something where there is a fundamental disagreement, I will develop some disease and say that I have to resign”

Biden, in September, referred to his presidential ticket as the “Harris-Biden” administration.

Harris has also slipped up on her role.

A few days before Biden’s gaffe, Harris, then the vice presidential candidate, referred to the “Harris administration” while discussing economic plans.

“A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States,” she said.


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