Study Shows Impossible Anomalies Causing Biden ‘win’ in Michigan — In 5 Seconds Biden Racked Up 140,000

A recently published review of available election data shows: major voting machine manipulation in favor of Biden. In almost every Michigan precinct, Biden had exact 50-55% higher absentee totals than Trump. In 5 seconds, Biden’s total votes in Michigan went up 140,000 votes. In 9 problem Michigan Counties, the absentee votes between Trump and Biden are so similar that the study’s author says they are clear indications of vote machine manipulation.

“Statistically impossible.”

“The odds here, of all of this, are like winning the Powerball 65 times in a row.”

John Droz is a 40 year physicist by trade based in North Carolina, who has collected other researchers in other fields to examine the available voter data. He’s collected and published several reports online that provide shocking evidence of statistical impossibilities.

One of those anomalies, pictured, shows the rate of absentee voting by precinct between 2016 and 2020 for Hillary/Biden in blue, and Trump in red. In 2016 the differences are unrelated. But in 2020, for some reason, in both Oakland and Ingham counties, among several others, the rates of absentee voting between the two parties is clearly related when it should not be. According to Droz, this is some of the best evidence from statistical review that there were serious, systemic abnormalities in the 2020 Presidential election, and that the fraud was occurring at the machine and tabulator level.

There should be no reason why Trump absentee voters are voting at exactly the same reduced percentage as Biden absentee voters. Yet that trend exists in the data, as you can see.



“You could justify any one of these as an aberration, as an anomaly, this all of these things combined? The odds are so impossible. We’ve calculated the odds, and it’s clear something else happened. It’s clear law enforcement and state legislatures need to act to investigate the actual ways in which the vote was apparently stolen from President Trump.”

Droz says that in Michigan, suburban Oakland County actually has more suspicious activity than Wayne County, where much of the voter fraud attention in Michigan has focused because of eyewitnesses noticing problems at the TCF Center’s vote count process on election night and the day after.

“There are many possible explanations, but what I think stands out as most likely is the involvement of the Chinese government. I hate to push so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ but there seems almost no doubt, looking at this data, that the Chinese government was involved. It’s amazing what we’re letting them get away with. Not to mention the credible news reports that the Chinese have a controlling interest in the Dominion company and its voting machines.”

Droz says he is working with Sidney Powell and is giving his research to the Trump legal team. He is also helping in upstate New York on the last Congressional race yet to be settled, where an election with 330,000 voters with a 30,000 vote election day advantage for the Republican has dwindled because of “found votes” among absentees that all went for the Democrat.

This research tracks the whistleblower testimony and affidavit by Dominion contractor Melissa Carone, who bravely came forward to say that she witnessed major voter fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit and saw that Dominion’s actions made it systemic.


Droz has made his findings available for Pennsylvania.


And for Michigan.

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Published previously in Human Events, The Federalist, American Thinker. Featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Playboy.

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